Staff crisis grows in İZBAN

In İZBAN, which has a shareholding structure, the staff requests of the subcontractor cleaning workers were also not accepted after the private security officers. Institution bureaucrats did not accept the petition of subcontracted workers to move to the staff.

The staff crisis is growing in İZBAN, which was established with 50 percent partnerships of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The bureaucrats of the institution, citing the partnership of TCDD, are making victims of contract workers. In addition to over 500 subcontracted private security officers working in İZBAN, the requests of around 200 subcontracted cleaning workers to enter the company are not accepted.

İZBAN management, which did not want to include subcontracted workers into the institution, finally rejected the petition given by the workers. The bureaucrats, who did not accept the petition, said, "We have not received any letters regarding the employment of workers from the state." The workers want the petitions to be accepted by the institution before the application deadline. If the petitions are not accepted, the workers will take action in front of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.


Serdar Aslan, the leader of the Private Security Workers Union (Güvenlik Sen) affiliated to DİSK, who is trying to organize among the private security officers in İZBAN, requested that the practice be terminated unlawfully. Aslan said, “In the article he sent to the units of the metropolitan city, it was stated that the subcontracted workers working in the rail systems should be included in the company. Nevertheless, it is against the principle of equality. There is no acceptable side to this biased practice. The application of the workers must be accepted and registered before the deadline. ”

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