IETT Route and Navigation Hours will be rearranged

IETT is preparing to revise the lines and routes. IETT, which will control the bus routes in the field, will change throughout Istanbul in terms of route, route and time. For field analysis, IETT will conduct a procurement tender on 14 February 2018.

IETT currently operates its own 2 bin 756 bus, its supervisor, Private Public Bus and İstanbul Otobüs AŞ, and it is carrying out public transportation with its total of 3 bin 84 vehicles. In order to use these resources in the most efficient way, IETT asked for field analysis and opened a tender.

According to the news of Gazete Habertürk, in the specification of the "Field Analysis Service Procurement" tender to be held on 14 February 2018, the subject of the work was briefly defined as follows:

Gerekli In line with Istanbul and within the districts provided by IETT, conducting a line survey, creating reports in accordance with the format determined by the administration, providing improvement suggestions, taking actions to implement the proposals that the administration considers appropriate and conducting the necessary analyzes to evaluate the demands related to the route and route, and ensuring the procurement of services. "

The purpose and scope of the work was done by checking in the field, presenting suggestions for improvement of the lines, routes and schedules of the buses to the administration, thus ensuring efficient use of resources and achieving customer satisfaction.
15 will last for months

According to the information contained in the technical specifications, the accuracy of the route, line length, dead mileage data, service areas, income-expense, integration points will be observed on site and compared with the recorded data. Reminder, travel, loss condition and operating speed will be calculated, driver and passenger opinions will be taken. Suggestions on line, vehicle and driver efficiency will be developed. 15 for the job that will last months, the company wants to run the company's CV will inform the IETT. Staff not approved by IETT will not be employed. The contractor will analyze the 20 line every month and report to IETT. There is a total 7 bin 833 bus stop in Istanbul with open 4 bin 768 and 12 bin 601 closed.

2017 year, according to 37.5 year of the road, except for private cars 25.4 20.5'i bus and metrobus, 16.6'i service, XNUMX'i service, XNUMX'i minibuses and XNUMX'i taxi or taxi is done.

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    1. Will the number of flights increase? Will the flights take 24 hours?

    2. Will the number of flights increase? Will the flights take 24 hours?