IMM: 6 line consisting of metro projects, but not canceled

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the press reports about the cancellation of the metro project, the 2017 6 and the XNUMX line consisting of the metro projects, but not canceled the tender said.

In the year of 2017 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the metro projects consisting of 6 lines, the tenders were canceled.

These tenders were canceled in order to make the metro lines stretched and re-projected and made more economically and faster.

Thus, the 76,9 project with a total length of 6 km has not been canceled and the metro investments will be expanded in line with the 1.000 mileage target for a radical solution to the transportation of Istanbul.

As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, in line with our 'Metro Everywhere Metro Everywhere' goal, we respectfully announce that we will share these metro projects with the public in the coming days.

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