Minister Arslan Responses to the Question about Railways

Arslan, "15 79 250 and XNUMX increase in the amount of freight transport, compared to the year before the increase in the amount of XNUMX increase was achieved."

UDH Minister Arslan: TCDD infrastructure operator and TCDD Transport were structured as a train operator with the Law on the Liberalization of Railways.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan answered the oral questions of the MPs on 09 January 2018 Day in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

YHT and HT lines are determined in east-west and north-south axis with corridor understanding

Arslan, in his statement on the verbal questions regarding the railway sector, emphasized that the high-speed train (YHT) and high-speed train (HT) lines were determined to be built on the east-west, north-south axis of our country with the corridor concept, "YHT is only for passengers, while the high-speed train appeals to both cargo and passenger. Therefore, the regions are designed as YHT or HT, taking into account the travel and load density. Planned studies for all regions are continuing at full speed. Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri route will connect Antalya to Central Anatolia; Kırıkkale-Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla-Adana-Mersin route, on the other hand, will ensure the transportation of the regions I mentioned to Mersin and İskenderun ports, thus we will complete an important route. Within the scope of Ankara-Mersin route, we have Kırıkkale-Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla railway project, which passes through Niğde provincial borders, and our province of Niğde will be connected to the high-speed train line with the modernization of the Ulukışla-Niğde line. said.

At the end of 2018 the HHTs are Haydarpaşa and Halkalıwill come

Minister Arslan also said, “There has been a serious acceleration in the Marmaray Project in the last year. We will complete the infrastructure construction in August and the signaling works in September. By the end of this year, by doing the necessary tests within the remaining time, suburban lines from Gebze. HalkalıWe will make uninterrupted passenger transport to Turkey with Marmaray vehicles. YHTs also depart from Ankara to Haydarpaşa or HalkalıIt will be able to go up to. " he spoke.

Five train operators were licensed

Reminding that with the Liberalization of Railways Law, TCDD was structured as the infrastructure operator and TCDD Transport as a train operator, Arslan stated that this law allowed the private sector to increase its share in the railways sector by transporting with state companies on the national railway network.

Arslan pointed out that five train operators in the sector were licensed, and that 12 bin 608 is still operating in 10 mileage railway network.

“The rehabilitation and road renewal work of the 880-kilometer section continues. Within the scope of the works carried out on the railway lines, the 4 thousand 660-kilometer line was turned into electrical and the 5 thousand 534-kilometer line was turned into signal. In addition, work is underway to make the 637-kilometer line electric and the 2-kilometer line with signal.

250 increase in freight transportation revenues

In the efforts to make our railways double-track, the conventional railway line of 595 kilometers was made double-track. With the completion of projects such as logistics centers and junction lines under construction, it is aimed to increase the share of railways in freight transport. On the other hand, in the railway freight transportation, block train operation has been started since 2004. Thus, 2017 million tons of freight was transported in 28,5, with an increase of 15 percent in the amount of freight transport and 79 percent in freight revenues compared to 250 years ago. "

28 progress made in Izmir-Ankara high-speed train project

Izmir-Ankara high-speed train project, indicating that the infrastructure work continues in all segments of Arslan, infrastructure work 28 percent of physical progress has been recorded.

Arslan said, “What we have done is to ensure the access and transportation of our people, as we did yesterday, to ensure that our country has a greater share of the transport pie due to its location, and to complete the main corridors in a way to use the advantage of international transportation corridors in favor of our country and our nation. This is what we do in all types of transport. We will continue to do so after that. " found the assessment.

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