Gok, Ankara Metro Scheduled to the Agenda of the Assembly

CHP Ankara Deputy Levent Gök brought the disruption of the subway flights in Ankara to the agenda of the Assembly and submitted a parliamentary question with the request of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım to be answered.

The parliamentary question submitted by Gök on the subject is as follows;

Metro times in Ankara have increased. The trains move slowly according to the standards and reach the stations late. The business and social life of the city is interrupted due to the disruptions in the metro lines used by tens of thousands of people every day.

In the light of this information:

1. What are the reasons for the slowdown of Ankara metro trains and the disruption of the trips?

2. Can you explain the number of delays and malfunctions in Ankara metro services in October, November and December of 2017 and January 2018?

3. Has there been any change in the arrangement of Ankara metro services in the last 2017 months of 3?

4. At what average speed did Ankara subway trains travel in 2016, 2017 and 2018? Can you explain by months?

5. What is the cost of the economic loss in the capital due to the disruption of metro services?

Source : http://www.gercekgundem.com



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