The World's First Solar Powered Train Starts

first solar energy train started
first solar energy train started

The world's first solar-powered train started its 3 mileage in Australia.

Byron Bay Railroad Company began using the world's first solar powered train in Australia.
The world's first fully powered solar train started serving on a 3 km route in the New South Wales region of Byron Bay, Australia.

Byron Bay Railroad Company is working with some local companies to restore an old train and install solar panels on the ceiling. However, one of the original two diesel engines of the train was left as diesel in case of any mishap.

Jeremy Holmes, the development director of Byron Bay Railroad Company, summed up the world's first solar-powered train project, "We found a dilapidated train, restored it and strengthened it with a 4.6 billion-year power supply."

The electricity needed for one-day round trip will be provided by the 30k Wh battery with the panels on the roof of the train and the 77kW solar panels at the station.


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