SRC certificate in the e-State

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, commercial vehicle drivers, sometimes 45 day to receive an extensible SRC certificate from the e-State Gate is now taken in the 5 minutes, stating, "the XCX XTR (QR) 40 liras to the 20 pound reduced." He said.

Minister Arslan, said in a statement, the commercial vehicle drivers have to take the SRC document described the new application.

Arslan stated that the protocol signed at the 23 July 2010 between the Ministry and Gazi University was canceled by mutual agreement and the arrangement of existing professional qualification certificates as C verifiable document anlat by SRC certificate was started to be made from e-Government Gate as of January.

Arslan, the citizens of the first time to apply to the e-Government can do the SRC application, 40 pounds 20 pound reduced the cost of the documents prepared by the system after the payment of the SRC certificate can be used, he said.

The existing 3 million SRC certificate holder can get free of charge when they want, and the barcode document can be obtained from the e-Government Arslan, "Gazi University, and the SRC card to apply to people who can not get the SRC card e-government application." He said.

“Annual 4 million pounds savings“

Arslan stated that they reduced the processing time to approximately 45 for sending the required documents to the center, sending them to the center and sending them to the citizens again. used.

This service with a valid professional qualification certificate (ODY-FDI) about 3 million people can create a verifiable certificate of the card at any time, draws attention to the Arslan, so that the annual cost of 3 million pounds, including the cost of 1 million pounds card printing, 4 million pounds will be saved in total. reported.

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