Chronic Disease Problem of Metrobus

The metrobus, which carries 1 million passengers a day, cannot overcome its chronic problems. Here are the endless troubles of the metrobus and the criticism of the passengers.

BRT, which is the backbone of transportation with its 1 million passengers per day, does not stop. Density in the vehicles and at the stops, agglomeration. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to metrobus is the crowds resembling the place of the apocalypse.

According to the report of Can Mete from Gazete Habertürk, especially Zincirlikuyu, Mecidiyeköy and Cevizlithe connection points, such as the so-called "migration of tribes" is mentioned. Several projects are being developed from time to time to reduce this density, but in vain! For example, the IETT had decided not to keep the vehicles waiting on the platforms. So even if the BRT is not full, it is moving. But this practice didn't work either. He had other problems.


This time, as vehicles came very often, everyone was busy sitting and traveling, a 'sitting queue' appeared in front of the metrobus. This further increased the chaos in the stations, causing the crowds to overflow the turnstiles. In fact, the real problem is that a system designed for 300 passengers can carry more than 3 times the prediction. When we ask the passengers, they say, "Increase the number of vehicles" to solve the problem. However, it is not even work to increase the number of vehicles, which are 535, on a BRT road that cannot be overtaken. You see, BRT problems are stuck in a vicious circle. After all these chronic problems and complaints, IETT General Manager Arif Emecen was dismissed last month. Ahmet Bağış was appointed to replace Emecen. However, the complaints about the metrobus did not decrease. In fact, there is an increase every day in the messages coming to HT Istanbul's complaint line.


In addition to the turmoil, hengame, there is a metrobus accident that can not be prevented. 6 injured in the 9 accident in the last 63 per month. According to experts; BRT drivers are trained, but the traffic awareness in drivers is insufficient. In the meantime, there is disagreement in the audit is dominant. The suggestion that honorary metrobus inspectors can overcome a significant portion of these problems has been voiced for years. But no steps have been taken regarding this practice.


One of the major problems of Metrobus passengers is the lack of capacity in the stops. Stations or overpass widths at the stations such as Zincirlikuyu, Şirinevler, Merter, Acıbadem, Sefaköy, Edirnekapı, Zeytinburnu do not meet the passenger density. At these points, there is a confluence at any time of the day. In addition, Beylikdüzü, Şükrübey, Cennet Mahallesi, Sefaköy, Yenibosna, Incirli, Sogutlucesme, Topkapi, such as the staircase, nor the elevator. Most of the existing elevators are not working.

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