CHP member Arık: "When will the high-speed train come to Kayseri?"

Republican People's Party (CHP) Kayseri Deputy Çetin Arık stated that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) governments had promised the citizens of Kayseri during each election period, but none of these words were fulfilled. Turkey Grand National Assembly explaining the problems of Kayseri, taking the case off the agenda Arik, "Ogun came from Ankara to Kayseri, but our road to the turtle-speed train, the train was a kind of black come to know," he said.

CHP Kayseri deputy Cetin Arik, AKP government, but not implemented by the Kayseri government has brought the agenda of the Parliament. Regarding the problems of Kayseri, Arık, who took the agenda outside the agenda, brought the issue of High Speed ​​Train to the agenda before, and said, d From the 2007 to the present, the AKP's general presidents have been in Kayseri Square. Are you going to go to the 1,5 hour? Your train to get better, 'he said. Kayserili applauded, voted. It's been 11 years. Ogun Ankara turtle set out from the turtle came to Kayseri, but our high-speed train, land train was somehow not know to come, Mr. Arslan, Minister of Transport, Kayseri Why you look at Kayseri blind. The story of the fast train returned to the story of the snake. 2018 still seems to be in the project stage in your budget? 'I said. December passed, 2017 passed, 2018 is going through January, there is nothing in the middle, but there are cuffs in the artistlik poses, order. The elections are approaching: Mr. Environment Minister, Mr. Group Deputy Chairman, Mr. Deputies, Mr. Mayors came together and put their heads together, 11 had a quick train to the table. With this head, this train remains more on the table… There is no mountain between Kayseri and Ankara, there is no flat area. You're going to draw a scratch, it's gonna be over there. But you couldn't make a project in full 11 years! Kayserili no longer wants to be ridiculed by the mind of false poses. From the bench of the nation, I ask once again for all the people of Kayseri: When will the high-speed train to Kayseri arrive? Millet




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