CHP Izmir Deputy Balbay Government Receives 10 from Izmir 2 Gives

CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Ali Balbay, planned to be made in the cities of the investment program of the 2018 year after the publication of the Official Gazette, the budget allocated to Izmir, this year, as he drew attention to the fall.

Balbay, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's response to the request of the Presidency of the Parliament with a written question of the government once again revealed the perspective of the government in Izmir. Balbay pointed out that in the 2018 year investment program there were huge budgets for many points of Anatolia except İzmir.

"Turkey's third largest city, playing in the ranking of tax collects tax xnumx's leadership and Izmir in Turkey so only unacceptable to take a share of the central budget rate 10.6 percent. The fact that the government allocates only a budget of 2 billion liras in the last 12 to the city once again showed the view of this government to İzmir and the people of İzmir. Hükümet

Balbay stated that many projects such as 2011 separate marina, North Aegean Port, Olympic Stadium, Alaçatı Airport, Çiğli Vecihi Hürkuş Airport and 35 which are promised to be made to Izmir and Izmir in 35 by 17 are not surprised that many projects are not included in 2018 budget. he said:

Konak From the 2011 project that the government promised to do in 35, there is nothing to be seen in the visible city except the Konak Tunnels. I call on the government, which does not include many projects planned to be built in Izmir, after the intervening time, to İzmir and to give the value it deserves. Adan

Balbay stated that in the 2018 investment plan, İzmir could not find its place in the budget compared to other provinces in the fields such as culture, art, education and health, and said:

Yeni Despite the fact that there are many important projects waiting to be implemented in İzmir, we are also looking for the government to allocate a priority to a new prison for 5 million TL. I appeal to Binali Yıldırım; What will be the fate of the projects you frequently open in the rally squares in Izmir? What will be the 2011 project you promised in 35? Isn't it enough that you turned Izmir into a project dump? Why have you passed Izmir in the 2018 investment program? I would like to respond to these questions, especially as İzmir deputies, for İzmir people. Bu

Balbay said that only Halkapınar-Otogar Metro line from Izmir's 12 separate transportation project has found its place in the budget and the cost of this line is 383 million TL, it is unacceptable to allocate a share of only 21 million 500 thousand pounds in the budget.

Aşa 2018 in the 5 investment plan, 6 million TL in Ankara, Xnumx in Ankara and Haydarpaşa in Istanbul Halkalı I would like to condemn the fact that the government, which allocates 1 billion 690 million TL budget to the rail system Metro, has only one of the 12 separate transportation projects for İzmir and does not allocate as much cost. You don't fool Izmir and the people of Izmir, all of you know this unjust attitude.
Balbay's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's response to the question of the Parliament has asked the question as follows:

What is the reason for the bride who xnumx.bak big budgets leaving Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, which for many years ignored this point according to the Anatolia 1 year investment program announced by the Council?

xnumx's percent of the tax collected from Izmir in xnumx.türkiye even though, in what can only be explained by the government's share of allocations from the central budget to Izmir percent rate 2?

Government of Izmir 3 a year in the last 12 a budget of only 1 billion pounds, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 9.9 12 a year budget by allocating a budget of 1 billion pounds on the floor and the floor, how do you evaluate?

In the 4.2011 Izmir 35 Project which you promised to do to Izmir and Izmir, how do you explain the projects such as 35 separate marina, North Aegean Port, Olympic Stadium, Alaçatı Airport, Çiğli Vecihi Hürkuş Airport not to be included in 17 budget ?

In the 5.2018 investment plan, how do you meet Izmir as the Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Izmir, especially in areas such as culture, art, education, health and other provinces?

6.2018 investment plan in 5, Ankara's 6 rail system project in the budget and Ankara, Xinjiang Metro to 217 million TL, Haydarpasa in Istanbul and Halkalı Do you find it fair to allocate a budget of 1 billion 690 million TL to the rail system Metro to include only one of the 12 separate transportation projects for Izmir?

Is it true that 7.12 is one of the separate projects and the cost of İzmir Halkapınar-Otogar Metro line, which is in the budget, is 383 million TL, but it is correct to allocate 21 million 500 thousand pounds in the budget?

8.How do you explain that although you have many important projects waiting to be implemented in Izmir, your government allocates the priority for a new prison to 5 million TL?

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