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BURULAŞ, the transportation company of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is also disposing of the dormant rail system vehicles at its disposal after the waterfowl aircraft.
BURULAS, the old administration in the Netherlands during the rehabilitation of the Netherlands for a long time used in the pipeline.
The wagons, which often put the system in trouble with the malfunctions, were withdrawn from the line some time ago when the domestic wagons entered the circuit.
24, which is now disabled and sold in the warehouse of Bursaray Operation Care Center, is being sold with a wagon auction.
BURULAŞ 31 will call the 24 Roterdam wagon for the closed offer method in January.
A term of opposition will carry passengers to another city if the rail system vehicles that the 'scrap wagon' walks out to the customer.
İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro AŞ was eager to find the wagons, but due to the platform height problem, the purchase was abandoned.
One-way 1953 and 1982 9 old tram vehicles purchased and stored in Cumhuriyet Caddesi-İncirli line are offered to tenderers with the same tender.
The same day, DurmazlarIt was announced that the 1 6 model one-way Silkworm trolley purchased from T-2013 will be sold. But we found out that this was accidentally put on the sales list.
If the Metropolitan Municipality can sell wagons, it will use the source from here in the technical development of Bursaray.
On the other hand, yesterday we asked what are the waterfowl planes going on sale to BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar.
He said that he was not willing to do so in the first tender and that they were obliged to do so by the procedure.
General Manager Çapar noted that two of the aircraft were requested by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality after the tender and that the water birds were wanted to be evaluated between Mersin and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Çapar said that they are not looking at the water bird birds' joint business offerings.

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