Bursa Traffic Burden to be Saved Gradually

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, morning prayer in the Sukraniye Yellow Mosque, after the prayer, citizens met with abundance table. President Aktas, Bursa's biggest concern of the traffic load will be recovered gradually, 65 over the age of citizens with disabilities in the transportation problems will be resolved as soon as possible explained.

Alinur Aktaş met with the citizens at the abundance table held in another neighborhood in Bursa every week and this time he made the morning prayer at the Anadolu Mosque Yellow Mosque. President Aktas, after the prayer came together with the citizens of the abundance dinner, AK Party Lightning District Chairman Oktay Yilmaz also attended.

“I've seen this movie before“

Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that President Erdoğan knew Bursa very well, and gave instructions in the notification of tasks, especially for the studies related to traffic and transportation and urban transformation. Indicating that traffic and transportation are not the parameters alone, population density, buildings, lack of control, rules and rules have caused serious problems in transportation, President Aktaş said, el Vehicles that serve the factories, schools, buses, buses, buses, buses, buses, buses etc. There, there is a nuisance. This needs to be corrected. I've seen this movie before. Praise be to Allah, I have succeeded in this. Allah

65 over age with disability gesture

President Aktas, as well as the traffic and transportation to regulate the age of citizens and people with disabilities in transportation 65 disasters in the public transport will come to an end as soon as possible, he added. Noting that cheap or free cards for the elderly or disadvantaged groups were not taken from time to time on buses, Mayor Aktaş said, için We hope that we will develop a system that we hope to receive. We will support this area as a municipality. We've come together with 3 once again. We reached a certain level with the Western line. You have an ambitious team that knows your job. God willing, we will overcome these problems, sık he said.

President Aktas, after the abundance table in front of the Yellow Mosque and serious traffic jams in the lower passage was examined. President Aktaş reminded that the most important 3 inconvenience experienced in Bursa is traffic and transportation, N We sat here too. Abiler said, 'There is a connection path to enter and exit this area. They said, "We've seen the 7 and 9 in the morning, and we'll see it after 4." Therefore, our course here, our road map was also clear, Dolayısıyla he said.

President Aktas, the citizens answered questions after the comments.



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