Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal does not end the problems!

Last month, Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar and metropolitan bureaucrats met with the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş. Bursa Bus Terminal, President of the Solidarity and Solidarity Association of Craftsmen and Employees, Yılmaz Ataş, presented a file about the problems experienced at the terminal to Aktaş, and stated that the traffic congestion experienced in the terminal entrance was the primary problem due to the completion of the construction of the mosque, overhead expenses and the shopping center.

Alinur Aktaş stated that the bus terminals are 7 / 24 movement and the cities are the most important living organisms. Aktaş stated that they want to have a clean and high quality of the terminal, where a large part of the society is receiving service. We identified the deficiencies in accordance with the information we received from our tradesmen. Eventually, such meetings are a good excuse to listen to their troubles and troubles. We see the problems on the spot, we have the opportunity to empathize. There are complaints of overhead costs. They will all be evaluated and hopefully will be helped. Yardımcı


During the same visit, President Aktaş underlined that it is not right to look at transportation from only one angle., Terminal is a part of this work, metro, buses, intercity transportation, public buses and other arguments of transportation are also part of this work. We strive for the smooth progress of all these parts. Thus, the total quality of transportation will emerge. In the meantime, the traffic jam in the entrance of the shopping center with the arrangements we will make a week - 10 days will be finished. I wish that our meetings and decisions will be beneficial to both our tradesmen and Bursa hem.

Despite the 6 week, problems could not be solved. 24 hours in the terminal with the new year rental fees, rents higher than the peer bus terminal, although the rate has increased by 16,5!

Terminal tradesmen are surprised at what they will do because of high rents, when they sell their consumption items above their market value, when they are on target.

One of the problems that Aktaş has not yet promised to solve is the Terminal Buses, which started with 90 numbers to the east, south and west of the city.

Starting at 06.15 in the morning, the citizens are victimized due to flights ending at 23.35 at night. Aktas, before the citizens of the victims of Bursaray and yellow buses 23.30-06.00 regularly between the 30 every one time, promised to be held every time. Bursa Terminal 23.30-06.00 will host a daily 3 thousand passengers. A small number of working taxis are available between these time zones. Citizens, who give almost a taxi to 2 floor of the province's ticket price, are waiting for a solution from Aktaş!

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