BUDO Buffets

New rings are added to the privatization operation, which starts with the change and transformation in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

Metropolitan Municipality, which rented the social facilities operated by BURFAŞ one by one, also transferred the kiosks on the BUDO ships affiliated to BURULAŞ to the private sector.

Previously, BESAŞ, another economic enterprise of the Metropolitan Municipality, operated the kiosks on the ships belonging to BUDO.

It is said that after the change of management, the kiosks were rented to an undersecretary named İzzet Güldoğan for 100 thousand TL per month with the tender made by BURULAŞ.

It is stated that the client who took over the kiosks on the ships had a tea garden and kiosks in Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal and Mudanya.

Thus, all of the kiosks on BUDO ships sailing between Mudanya and Istanbul in the Marmara Sea were transferred to the private sector.

BURULAŞ will earn 1,2 million lira a year from the kiosks on the ships with privatization.

The question of how the rental is reflected to the passenger for high prices.

BURULAS will sell its 3 seaplane, which will be stopped by its tender.

Source: İhsan AYDIN ​​- www.olay.com.t is



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