Good News from President Tuna! Transportation in Ankara Will Be Relaxed

Taking into account the demands of the capital city of Ankara, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, who carried out the projects one by one. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, roads will be rearranged at three separate intersections, he said

24 hours of uninterrupted transportation, balance transfer, AŞTİ car park waiting time to be raised to 50 minutes and transportation in 2018 year to give the good news that the Danube, finally, Ankara traffic to breathe three more giant projects shared with the capital.


The intersection of three intersection projects which are closely related to Ankara;

1- Mevlana Boulevard - Dikmen Street Intersection Underpass Project

2- Samsun Highway Vehicle Underpass Project in front of Türk Telekom Building

3-Akköprü Junction Regulation Project, explaining that President Tuna, said they intend to reduce the traffic density at these intersections.


Junction projects on which metropolitan municipality units work meticulously will start in summer. The main reason why they prefer the summer months is the closure of schools, indicating President Tuna, Ankara, three projects that will breathe the traffic flow in the problematic areas of Ankara, said they aim to complete until the schools are opened.

Samsun and Konya on the roads will be carried out at separate points 3, Samsun-Konya two-way uninterrupted traffic flow on the road will be provided.


Mayor Tuna, explaining the details of the project and the works to be done, said that there will be work at the intersection point of Mevlana Boulevard and Dikmen Street.

The wholemeal junction, also known as Mevlana Boulevard intersection with Dikmen Street underpass will be made. At the intersection where traffic is currently regulated through signaling, an underpass will be built with the change to be approximately 470 meters long and 3 going-3 arrival.

Stating that they plan to make traffic in the direction of Konya-Samsun road uninterrupted, President Tuna said, sayesinde Through the roundabout at the upper section of the underpass, we will provide vehicles from the directions of Samsun-Konya road to Dikmen Street. ”

SAMSUN ROAD Underpass in front of Turkish Telecom Building

The second giant project will be implemented at the point where the “U” turn is located in front of the Samsun Road Türk Telekom Building, President Tuna pointed out that they aim to prevent traffic accidents that occur frequently at this point.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the underpass will be 3 departure and 3 arrival and the total length will be approximately 580 meters, he said.

Thanks to the passage to be made in the direction of the airport to come to the direction of the airport and vehicles from the direction of Samsun will continue to live without the intersection of sharing Tuna, "Another benefit of the project will bring the neighborhoods of Aydınlıkevler to provide example with each other," he said.

Emphasizing the importance of the project, which will ease the traffic density at the Sites Intersection and Fatih Bridge Interchange, Ankara Mayor Tuna said, uz We are planning to participate in the construction tender until 1,5 for underpass construction. Likewise, like other projects, we plan to start with the closure of schools in early June and finish with the opening of schools in 3 months. ”


Ankara Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the third intersection of the project at the intersection of Konya, Istanbul and Samsun Akkopru Junction will be announced. The new project will be a work to relieve traffic congestion that expresses the Danube, the new bridge will be removed from the 2'er lane 3'er lane, he said.

With the new project, the Metropolitan will expand the bridge at the Akköprü Interchange, which was opened for service in 1998, and will take the connections to the right of the Konya and Samsun roads in the middle of the Istanbul Road.

President Tuna stated that the work to be done at the Akköprü junction will be started in June with the closure of the schools and shared the following information:

Ak When it comes to the Akköprü Junction because the road is a cross, those who continue straight go up to the top of the bridge, and those who want to return to the Istanbul Road turn right and left from the middle side of the bridge. This causes traffic flow problems. We have prepared a new project to eliminate this. We have prepared the ramps of the road as 3 departure-3 arrival, but in the section where there will be connection roads, the bridge will serve as 4 departure-4 arrival.


Akköprü junction by both the Konya Road and Samsun road by opening the new side of the bridge expansion will be provided by the project, before the drivers before entering the bridge both in the direction of the nation and Istanbul road direction can be made uninterrupted.



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