ATUS Simplifies Citizen's Life

Smart Public Transportation Systems, which is implemented by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and which is shortly named ATUS, makes it easier for the citizens to reach the places they will go by public transportation with different applications. ATUS has used 54 million 159 thousand 380 times last year with its website, mobile application and SMS service.

Smart Public Transportation Systems, which is shortly known as ATUS, implemented by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, makes it easier for citizens to reach their destination by public transport.

Tahir Akyürek, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, as a municipality not only for infrastructure services; social and cultural municipal services, in recent years, especially in ecological and smart city applications will focus on technological municipal services, he said. Reminding that they have received numerous national and international awards with their efforts in this context, Mayor Akyürek stated that their aim is to improve municipal services in the light of developing technologies and to provide better services to the public by using these technologies.


Saying that the ATUS service they use in public transportation enables citizens to use public transportation more efficiently, more easily, and wait less at stops, Mayor Akyürek said that the system which can be reached by different means such as mobile application, web site, free SMS service, smart stops, data matrix application is very popular and intense. expressed interest.

Konya Mobile Application "Transportation" page, the closest to the list of stops can be reached to the most distant President Akyurek, touching the stops on the list of public transport to the station by which it can be learned how many minutes after the stressed.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality Intelligent Public Transportation Systems (ATUS) were used millions of times in 2017. Last year, the number of 32 million 341 thousand 362 views from has been used over the Konya Mobile Application 13 million 946 thousand 309, SMS number 7 million 871 thousand 709.

ATUS also shows the estimated arrival time of public transportation vehicles instantly from the smart stop screens located at 154 station in Konya, making it easier for the citizens to go to their destination.

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