Minister Arslan's 10 January Employee Journalists Day message

The objective and free press, which has adopted the principle of informing the public accurately and completely, is one of the important forces of democratic states.

As the government, we have always given priority to making the necessary arrangements for the press employees to work in a free environment.

In order to ensure the independence of the media in the best way, it is important for the media and employees to comply with the principles of professional ethics and impartiality, to respect the rights and freedoms of others and to take social responsibility into consideration.

The rapid development in today's media technologies has expanded the field of activity in internet journalism and social media in addition to print and visual media, and has made the right and objective journalism understanding more important than ever.

Considering the speed of the social media in the news flow and its increasing effect on public opinion, the issue of how to prevent the misleading of the public, making false news, and violations of rights and freedoms by means of this medium is among the issues to be solved in today's world.

At this point, I believe that our honest press members, who are able to look at all events objectively and who are in pursuit of real news, can make an important contribution to the strengthening of our democracy, the progress of our country, and the preservation of our unity and solidarity.

With these thoughts, I congratulate the Working Journalists' Day, the anniversary of the enactment of the law governing the rights of our press members.

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Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 17:25

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