Minister Arslan Celebrates New Year of YHT Staff and Passengers

Arslan visited the YHT Station in Ankara and celebrated the new year of the last YHT passengers of 2017.

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, evaluated the demand for the Eastern Express and said, esi We will continue to add wagons. This interest pleases us and our citizens are satisfied. Bu

Arslan visited the Ankara YHT Station and celebrated the new year of the last YHT passengers of 2017.

Indicating that they are at the beginning of their duties for people to spend peaceful time on holidays and New Year's Eve, Arslan said, “I wish 80 million health years in our country. I hope the world will also be a peaceful year. I hope my Lord, in this sense, let the world spend a year in peace and peace. As a servant, we have to show our effort. We also say to those who rule the world; For humanity, for peace, peace and brotherhood of mankind, do not assume that you have destroyed others by prioritizing your interests, interests, do not assume that there is no one in Arakan, Somalia or Syria. All people are important in the world. Regardless of their color, religion, language, ethnicity, region, they are all important. If we wish all humanity to spend a year in peace, peace and brotherhood, we, those who take responsibility, decision makers should act accordingly. ” he spoke.

Mentioning that they will finish the Başkentray, Konya-Karaman high-speed train line, Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line and bring it to the test phase, Arslan also mentioned the works in the railway sector and stated that they will improve the Samsun-Sivas line.Halkalı they also aimed to end the suburb line.

Arslan pointed out that they will prioritize the locality and nationality in the new train sets to be purchased, saying, “We have many projects. Our construction work continues on more than 870 thousand kilometers, including 290 thousand kilometers of high-speed train, 893 thousand high-speed train lines and 4 conventional lines. We renewed the 10 kilometer line. In 500, we transported 2017 million passengers by train, including 7 million in high-speed trains, 14 million in conventional trains and 63 million in Marmaray, and handled 84 million tons of cargo. Since the high-speed train was put into service, we have covered 28,5 million kilometers and served 39 million passengers. ” used expressions.

Minister Arslan said that they have served 14 million 5 thousand people in the 300-month period since the opening of Ankara YHT Station and an average of 13 people traveled daily from the station.

Evaluating the intense interest in the Eastern Express train, Arslan expressed that this interest pleased them. Indicating that they have renewed the line and trains in question, Arslan stated that the passengers started to prefer the train as the travel was comfortable. Indicating that the interest in the region has increased due to the fact that Ani Site in Kars is included in the World Heritage List, Arslan said, “Our people are going to Kars with the opening of many 5-star hotels. They talk about how comfortably they turn around. Interest in the Eastern Express has increased tremendously. They travel with a wonderful winter and nature view. ” shared his knowledge.

Arslan, step to solve the problem in the train, saying they are taking steps, said:

“The trains have locomotives plus 9 wagons. 1 bed, 1 couchette, 4 pulman wagons serve passengers. Due to the interest in beds and couchettes, we serve 4 or 5 beds, 2 or 3 couchettes and 4 pulman wagons every evening. We increased the number of wagons as much as possible, and our passengers could find space. Our satisfaction is that since it is sold electronically, people can purchase tickets in a matter of seconds, as it is sold electronically. In particular, tour agencies also make package programs including accommodation, return and meals. They also travel in groups. Those who go with them are also very pleased. We allocate separate wagons to them. The demands of the agencies and the added wagons are different, the wagons used by our passengers are different. There is the perception that 'agencies are closing, we cannot find a place', no. There is a lot of extraordinary interest. Even in an environment where we take a wagon to 4 or 5, they may not find a place for our people. We will continue to add wagons. This interest pleases us, and our citizens are satisfied. It is our pleasure that our people have preferred to travel by rail and train again. Our nation rediscovered the train, and we continue to work day and night to provide them with comfortable travel. ”

For a while with staff like the machinist and stewardess sohbet Arslan stated that there should be a female mechanic in YHTs as in conventional lines.

Arslan visited the monitoring and control centers of the trains and got information about the works.

Celebrating the new year of passengers by traveling on the high-speed train to Konya, Arslan also ordered the movement of the train with the movement disk.

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