Tram in Antalya became the most popular transportation vehicle

In Antalya, the tram, carrying about 90 a thousand people a day, became a public transportation vehicle. Antalyalılar used to the rail system

The rail system, which has become widespread in urban transportation in Antalya, continues to provide safe, cheap and fast transportation. Citizens using the system during the day want more widespread use of rail systems. The figures also prove that rail systems are the most popular means of transportation.

In the tram (Ant-Ray), 90 thousand trips are made daily. Starting with the stop in the Fatih District, Ant-Ray covers a total of 2016 kilometers until the Expo 30 Antalya, passing through the districts of Muratpaşa and Aksu. Carrying passengers to Antalya Airport as well as the bus station, the tram takes passengers at 29 stops. In the city where 2 million people live, Ant-Ray, which carries 32 million 850 thousand passengers annually, has a total of 142 personnel. Tram passenger transportation fee is applied as full ticket 2, student 1.25 and discounted boarding 1.60 lira.



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