Public Transportation in Antalya Will Receive Money Per Kilometer

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce hand in hand with the transportation tradesmen to increase the quality and citizen satisfaction in public transportation. Metropolitan Municipality and Antalya Chamber of Buses agreed to pay the transportation trades over kilometers. With this revolutionary decision, both the trades will win and the quality of public transportation will increase.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel met with the members of Antalya Chamber of Chamber of Busiers, Tradesmen and Craftsmen in AESOB and explained the new revolutionary system. In order to correct the public transportation system, Türel said that they are trying to consolidate their infrastructure and that they can manage public transportation much more easily with smart card, 12 meter single vehicle application and camera systems.

We will solve the mass transportation with ESNAFLA

Iz We will handle public transportation in Antalya together with you. President Türel said,. These two are two more four, Başkan he said. We are a solution partner for municipal and public transport trades. If we are going to do this job together, our two most important tasks are to make you happy and to make the people happy by making them reflect on the people. Win win, so if you are going to win Antalya will win. I have a capital, the happiness of our nation, your happiness. If I don't get this, I can see a lack in myself. That's why we are looking for a system that can make you happy.


Bed Head Yasin Arslan Kayseri model offers already on Turel explained that working years 1 of municipal officials, he said the following: "We have investigated this new system in Turkey as well as there are also examples in Europe. How they did there, fixed km how much, how much money per km they have worked. Assuming that your car runs every day, we've determined that the average of 7 a thousand 460 miles per month is calculated on average. We said we make it 7 bin 500 fixed. The extra price will be paid on top. We have the account. Kayseri is paying how much 3.5 pounds per km. I said we should be on top of our people in a way that does not cause public damage. Why is that? In Kayseri the air conditioning does not work in summer but we are also working in the air conditioning, the fuel is going more. And according to our accounts we have presented a fixed offer of 3.7 pounds 7 thousand 500 km to room managers. 8 provided a reconciliation of 4 liras per kilometer, one thousand kilometers fixed. X


President Türel stated that they will prepare the new public transportation plan together with the room. Our work as a team transportation master plan team is what this expert academician, protocol, expert has. Because this is a specialty. You have the experience. We benefit from it. And I hope we will prepare our new public transportation plan together with our room. Some lines are full, especially at peak hours, passengers are at the stop. We have to move those passengers. Hopefully we want to put into practice soon. If there is a need for a new vehicle, we will evaluate it with a room. We're going into a serious burden. We need to increase the number of trips once we can take up this burden. The only request from you is to carry all the citizens living in Antalya happy and content while carrying your car. If you 'or I'll get the same money to the vehicle missing 3 person, 5 more than a person does not matter,' he said, will not take precedence of citizen satisfaction. The happiness of the passenger riding on the bus must be our priority. Ot



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