Antalya to witness significant investments in 2018

Antalya will witness the completion of important investments step by step in 2018. In Antalya, the metropolitan mayor, Menderes Türel, will say that 'the tourist will come to the center'. Menderes Türel's 'dream project' Boğaçayı is one of the most anticipated projects by Antalya.

work in the first place Turkey's second channel next crazy project in Istanbul, which eliminates the marshlands in the region will make life Boğaçayı the center began in 2017. The landscape and infrastructure will be completed until the 2018 tourism season passes the second bridge. Following the first stage, a 470-capacity yacht harbor will be constructed within the scope of the project to the eastern part of Antalya Port mender. The 4th phase of the project includes a theme park with cinema studios and entertainment center, accommodation facilities and a safari park.

The highly anticipated vision project is the Konyaaltı Beach Project. The first pickaxe was hit for the project, which was obtained with the Chamber of Architects Competition Project and directed by NGOs. The first phase of the 52 million lira project, which was undertaken by the Metropolitan Municipality due to the lack of suitors in the tenders, started with the demolition of the buildings on the beach. The first stage project between Variant and Minicity will catch up to the 2018 summer season and Antalya people will get the diamond necklace with the project.

The first and second stage rail system, which broke each other's records during the construction periods in Antalya, will continue to grow in 2018. Starting from Varsak, the third stage rail system project will extend towards the bus station, university, courthouse, state hospital and from there will join the nostalgic tram line in front of the Antalya Museum. The project, whose permits and approvals have been completed and the financing problem has been resolved as a result of the efforts carried out for three years, received the support of the public with 97.63 percent of the vote in the referendum. The 2018-kilometer line, which will be tendered and started to be built in early 26, is expected to be completed in 1 year.

The arms will be rolled up in 50 for the Tünektepe Project, which will be the new attraction center of Antalya, which has been taken the first step with the launch of the Sarısu-Tünektepe Cable Car Line, which has been a dream for 2018 years. While the necessary approvals were obtained for the touristic facility and living area, which is planned to be the future symbol of Antalya, it was announced that the process was completed and the tender will be held on 1 February. The project, which will feature public viewing terraces and daily use areas, will include one huge orange sphere among the 3 Mediterranean seals.

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