Employees working at Ankaray tolls

The ambiguous expressions in the Decree concerning the recruitment of subcontracted workers lead to serious confusion. The decree that the personnel working in the procurement of services not based on the recruitment of personnel in the decree (KHK) will not be included in the staff, 7 / 24 left the subway and Ankaray personnel working at the box office.

The shortcomings in the government's subcontracting arrangements in the Decree resulted in even the subcontracted workers who spent all of their work in public institutions remained out of the staff. The government first drafted a draft regulation that would limit the right to staff to service procurement based on only 70 percent recruitment. However, the regulation was changed on the news that such an arrangement would exclude workers doing garbage collection and cleaning work, especially in municipalities. The jobs that such personnel have spent all of their work in the public sector were counted one by one and included in the staff. In order to avoid confusion, partial powers were also given to institutions to determine which of the service procurement auctions are based on staff.


However, a new one is added to subcontractor grievances every day. The last example in this matter was experienced in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality subway. There are a total of 3 different personnel groups in the subways, including security, cleaning and box office officers. As soon as the subcontractor Decree was released, all staff went to the municipality and applied to the staff. Applications of cleaning and security personnel were accepted. Applications of the box office staff working in the subway until the late night were rejected. As a reason for the rejection response, it was shown that the subcontractor did not have a service contract based on personnel recruitment in this tender. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials and Ministry of Labor officials said that according to the provisions of the Decree Law, it is not possible to employ the box office personnel working in the subways. The officials stated that the subcontractor did not make a service purchase contract based on staff with the municipality, and that more than 70 percent of the expenses were not staff expenses, therefore, although they spent all their work in public, the box office personnel remained outside the scope of the Decree Law.


In the statement they made to SÖZCÜ, the workers who work as a box office at the subway said, “Although we have written 11 hours in my contract, we are employed on average 16 hours a day. We open the box office at 06:00 in the morning and close it at 21.30. It takes 22:00 to complete the calculations and exit. We work full for two days and rest one day. There is no overtime, no public holiday, no holiday. We are like Kunta Kinte. ” Meanwhile, as shown in Turkey in the period legendary "Roots" is the name of the hero of a series of black slaves brought from Africa to America Kunta Kinte.

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr



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