We are the Country That Directs the Whole Post of the World

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “World Postal Union, which has 192 countriesnin dönem başkanı, Türkiye. Türkiye PTTThe term president of the World Postal Union for 4 years. We are the country that directs all the world's mail. Therefore, this is done by working, and more importantly by believing. " said.

Minister Arslan, in his speech at the opening of the PTT Kağızman Branch in the Kağızman district of Kars, the father's home, said that they are working day and night to serve the country and the nation.

They were doing projects all over the world watched with envy expressing Turkey Arslan, he said:

“When we do these projects, we do not do it alone, we do it with our worldwide leader and we are proud of it. Be sure that you only ever go to where we go in the world is not in our country, especially the oppressed and victims Recep Tayyip Erdogan, praying the Republic of Turkey. They pray that no matter how strong Turkey to the world that the oppressed and the victims would patronage. I witness this while traveling the world on behalf of you and I am proud of it. Our responsibilities on our shoulders are great. The success the world hopes for from us has to be greater than we think. We have to be strong for only 80 million people around the world, our oppressed and victims who hope not to seek help from the Republic of Turkey, we have to walk strong. We absolutely must not allow those who want to stop our strong march. "

Arslan, the nation's strong support large projects said they would continue to make an Marmaray for Turkey, Eurasia, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was reminiscent of what they did.

Prime Minister Yıldırım will go to Çanakkale

In addition to these large projects, Arslan said that they introduced the high-speed train to the country.

“We made the airline the way of the people. We are not able to sit because we did these. We keep running for him. We are not able to stop just because we have finished the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project. That is why we continue to Kars Logistics Center, including projects in many parts of Turkey. Therefore, we continue the construction of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge without slowing down. By Allah's leave, we will visit it with our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım two days later and we will present the progress of the construction to the public. Therefore, we say that we will not stop, we will not give up, we will not collapse, we will not be satisfied. We say to him that this country's biggest project Canal Istanbul also after hopefully 3rd airport offering services president, prime minister, ministers, will be their team and hopefully we will present it in Turkey, the world's service. "

PTT Turkey Arslan highlighted that organization serving throughout the 4 thousand 602 branches, Turkey has established PTT 2 thousand 257 ATMs all over the automatic teller machines of their 175 (ATMs) that was passed to non-place.

"PTT plane has been revived in 15 years"

Arslan stated that the PTT branch in Kağızman cost more than 1 million Turkish lira and said:

“When the AK Party came to power in 2002, the PTT plane, which was abandoned to its fate, has come to life again in 15 years, has grown again and has surpassed itself with new branches. When Türk Telekom and the telephone part were separated in 1995, everyone was saying, 'PTT is over, it was abandoned to its fate, it will decay from now on. But we will show that it is not decayed, especially by sharing the distance we have taken since 2002 with you. PTT was providing 2002 services to 7 organizations in 11. Now it provides 396 separate services to 552 organizations. We came from 11 services to 552 services, from 7 to 396 organizations, this is a great development and change. 95 million transactions are processed per month at PTT. God bless everyone who contributed. One billion 200 million transactions are made annually, and it is easy to say that we are talking about millions, billions.

Arslan, explaining that PTT's also very well represented the country abroad, "192 countries are members of the Universal Postal Union's rotating presidency, Turkey. Turkey has a post office chairman of the UPU's 4-year period. We are the country that directs all the world's mail. Therefore, this happens by working, running, and more importantly by believing. " found the assessment.

At the end of his speech, Minister Arslan talked about the road to Kağızman and the investments such as natural gas.

After the speeches, the branch was opened with ribbon cutting. Arslan, Mehteran team before the opening of the show for a while.



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