Akçaray's 2.

The tender for the 2.2.Etap study of the 2 kilometer Akçaray Tram Line, which will start from the Seka State Hospital of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and reach the beach, has been finalized in December at the 7 tender.

The tender, the lowest bidder Emre Ray Energy Construction company announced.

Emre Ray was the lowest bidder with 20 million 657 thousand TL. ENS Metro Building-Best Construction 21 million 271 thousand TL, Metro Ray Construction company also offered 32 million 869 thousand TL offer. It was stated that the place was delivered to the winning company and the works would start as soon as possible. The first stage of the tram in Izmit Gülermak company has been made, although the 34 day was given, the completion of the project far exceeded this period.

300 METER IN 1600 DAY
Emre Ray Construction company, Akçaray'ın 2'er stage will be in two parts. First 300 1600 meters in the current place, the region will extend to the region of the region. The second part of the 600 meter, which will extend from the schools to the beach, will be completed in 240 days. There will be 4 station in Seka State Hospital, Congress Center, Schools Region and Beachway.

The extension of the tram to the west direction resulted in the second stage tender. Emre Ray will make the 2.2 kilometer section between Sekapark and Sahilyol. The next target will be to extend the tram to Derince.

Source : www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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