One Way Application Solves Traffic Node in Adana

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the city center of the 5 street made one way, Kucuksu region began to pass the 5 lane.

Under the leadership of President Hüseyin Sözlü, the city of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented projects that relax the flow of urban traffic, organized the 5 street as 'one way' and brought a great deal of congestion. Since the end of the week, the traffic flow in the one way pass through the streets of Abidinpaşa, Kızılay, Ali Münif Yeğenağa, İnönü and Sefa Özler solved the knot in Küçüksaat and 5 Ocak Square district.

In line with the instructions of President Hüseyin Sözlü, the Department of Transportation of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality carried out studies to eliminate traffic congestion in the center of the bazaar, and planned alternative route planning by taking the views of public transport tradesmen, representatives of civil society organizations, business owners and citizens. The one-way planning that emerged on the basis of the dialogue was discussed at the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting held last week. Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Garrison Command, Provincial Police Department, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Transportation 5. Regional Directorate, TCDD 6. The UKOME delegation, which consists of representatives of the Regional Directorate, Taxis, Truckers and Transporters, decided to make a single direction of the 5 street in the city center.

According to the UKOME decision, 21 started to pass the streets in one direction from January to January. While public transport continued to use the streets of İnönü, Abidinpaşa, Kızılay and Sefa Özler, Cemal Gürsel and Çakmak avenues were closed for public buses, private public buses and dolmuş passages.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality teams, after the one-way decision in the Küçüksaat region by removing the refuges, asphalt covering the resulting area. Thus, the part of Ali Münif Yeğenağa Street, which extends to 5 January Square, was turned into a 5 lane road. In Abidinpaşa Street, which started to operate from Küçüksaat to Taşköprü, stops were rebuilt. Parallel to the one-way application, the 5 January Square was also closed at the U-turn of all vehicles.
With the new arrangement, the flow of traffic in the center of Adana's shopping center was greatly relaxed. The one-way application pleased both the drivers and the people of the city. Citizens, President Hussein Sözlü thanked for the arrangement that relaxes the bazaar traffic.

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 17:37

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