Zonguldak said to meet with the sea 6 Suggested Suggestion

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Zonguldak Branch President Birhan Şahin presented Pusula Newspaper in his comment on the article entitled “Lo Lo and Zonguldak Port” by the Concessionaire Ali Rıza Tığ.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Zonguldak Branch President Birhan Sahin, listed as follows:

“Here are a few suggestions that come to mind at first, in order to get rid of the image of“ Respondent to the Sea ”by reorganizing the city center. Of course, such propositions can be further multiplied and diversified. The important thing is to open the subject for discussion.

1- Zonguldak Municipality's service building between the port of Acılık Creek along the existing structures (dolmuş stops, buildings in the cargo area, etc.) should be removed, the city should be met with the sea. Urban transportation should be re-arranged in accordance with new field regulations and traffic density. (This is also an important issue to be reviewed.)

2- Projects concerning the arrangement of the basin area should be re-evaluated. The necessary legal arrangements should be made to expand the existing area to reach the sea, and accordingly, a contemporary ın city square eler should be created by re-projecting the urban residents for the common life and use.

For 3-Ro-ro flights, there must be either a different location or a separate storage area for trucks and lorries, which should be included as far as possible.

4- From the back of the lighthouse and the back of the harbor to the Uzunmehmet Monument and the Wastewater Treatment Plant, all the constructions between the city and the sea are minimized as much as possible and the people should be able to walk along the sea side. It should be designed.

A part of the port should be filled in front of the 5- Courthouse building and the space should be saved and opened for public use. In the area where the old dump (now increasing plant) is located, the project developed by the current municipal administration should be implemented and this area should be made available to the public.

6- 3 ropeway line should be installed in the direction of Gümüşhane Mahallesi Tepesi where the cableway stations, Fener, Uzunmehmet Monument and TV transmitters, which are not currently used, will be built on the pier of Erdemir train carrier and should be made available for transportation and sightseeing purposes. N

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