High Speed ​​Train to Burdur?

Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Mehmet Gok Burdur Burdur high-speed train expectations of the people of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) continues to move the agenda.

Deputy Göker, Burdur planned to pass through the high-speed train project, which is followed by all Burdur people expressed that in his speech, the people of Burdur promised the high-speed train for many years was passed.

CHP Burdur Deputy Göker speech, "Burdur planned to pass the high-speed train project is closely monitored by all Burdur public. The line coming from Afyon stands out as the view that the city center of Burdur, where the university and brigade will be bypassed, will reach Antalya from Isparta-Burdur. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, as mentioned in the visit to Burdur between Isparta-Burdur is said to pass through a place. In this statement, what exactly is the location? For years Burdur people have been given the promise was given? The high-speed train project, which is the request of the Burdur people, is asked to be passed with open discourse? Bur

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