3 of Antalya. When to Use the Stage Rail System Project

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, es Heybemiz is full of services. When we are among our citizens, our face is hard. Because there is nothing we can't give our account, our people have high praise for us. Hes

AK Party visited the Kepez District Organization Mayor Menderes Türel, told services. President Türel stated that they made very important services to Kepez as the Metropolitan Municipality. Daki When we look at Kepez, we solved the rainwater of Varsak with the infrastructure investment of 120 million TL in Süleyman Demirel Boulevard. Turkey's largest urban renewal project in Kepez Plant. 8 will be built annually in the 12 bin housing. For us, the priority is to finish the residence of the rightful citizens living in the shanty house. 3200 deserves the sabine 5200 housing. First we finish theirs, the contractor will do what they do to them. We did what we did for him, scattering the developers' offices so that he can do the best and let the right owner leave bad. My priority is because I own the right. Until the March of 2019, we are planning to complete the housing of the right holders. We will draw the rules until the end of February will be distributed three to four months before the election of drums with drums zurnayla Şubat he said.

Türel, who told me that Zıp Zıp Park is in Kepez and has attracted great attention, said: ında One day I fly from Ankara to Ankara, a child in my 10 age, el What are you going to do in Antalya ve? said. His mother said, 'His aunt is sitting close to it, just coming to Zıp Zıp Park. Thank you for being a very nice service. ' He was the wife of a CHP vice president. I'm happy too, of course. Ben

Stating that the third phase of the rail system passed through Kepez, President Türel said, “Our goal was to train up to the campus area before March 2019, but we had a technical problem with the World Bank. As the problem has been solved, so we were a few months late. Our goal is to start operating the rail system from Varsak to Otogar Junction before March 2019. We will connect from Varsak to at least the Otogar Junction until the election and ensure that the neighborhoods on this route reach everywhere either by Aksu, Expo or Işıklar. ”

Noting that the junction in Kepez is about to come to an end, President Menderes Türel said: We're opening the crossroads on Gazi Boulevard this weekend. There will no longer be a closed side on the top, only the work on the underpasses will continue. We hope to put it into service by the end of February. Only that intersection 50 million TL. It is the intersection of Antalya's largest intersection, 4-based intersection. There are no other 4 interchanges in Antalya. While coming from Kızılarık, you can dive into minus 2 and turn to Sakarya Boulevard without any lights. You go through the streets of Kizilirmak-Yesilirmak from Minus 1 without any lights. Third level of leveling. The fourth floor is an overpass on Gazi Avenue. Therefore, 4 will be the first high-rise interchange in Antalya. In this way, I hope Kepez will be as well. Bö

Türel said that the wholesaler Hal-Altınova Boulevard is an investment of about 50 million pounds and added, yaklaşık We are continuing to do so until Varsak. Some of it's over. It's a total investment of 80-90 million. They're all nice to Kepez. Kepez deserves it, K he said.

Dık Our Heybemiz is full of services, baş said President Türel. The new Avenue Street we've built has been amazing. We walked to Kalekapısı and Tophane Tea Garden. The interest of citizens and tradesmen was intense. Because we can not give the account of alhamdulillah citizens when we come between the high level is high. When we entered between them, our face was pecti. Because our miracle is full of service Çünkü he said.

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