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Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) by the Logistics Sector Council MUSIAD Mersin Branch hosted the 'Continental Logistics Base Turkey' themed consultation meeting was held with the participation of Development Minister Lutfi Elvan.

Governor Ali İhsan Su, as well as Mersin deputy Haci Ozkan, MUSIAD Chairman Abdurrahman Kaan, International Transporters Association Chairman Çetin Çuhaoğlu, MUSIAD Logistic Sector Board Chairman Emin Taha, MUSIAD Mersin Branch President Hakan Kayacı, provincial protocol, civil society organizations and logistics sector representatives and many business people participated.

Minister Elvan; ”Logistics is one of the most important and future bright sectors of our country“

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, which started with the recitation of the Quran recited after the greeting of our hero soldiers who were fighting for the survival of our country in the Afrin region of Syria, Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan said that this meeting, which is a logistic event, is organized in Mersin and that it is a meeting meaningful to our people. started with.

Expressing his belief that the consultation meeting will shed light on the steps to be taken for both the government and the logistics, Minister Elvan said that the logistics sector is one of the most important and future bright sectors of our country. Mr. Elvan added that logistics activities, which enable our companies to increase their efficiency and reduce their input costs and thus enable them to achieve more competitive power on a global scale, are of vital importance in the economic value chain. it also stood on that it would have significant implications.

In the world of the future, Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that there are three main areas of competition for the competition, the first of which is to provide innovative approach and an innovative product, the second is to provide digital transformation, and the third is to decrease the logistics costs and to increase the competitiveness of the companies in the world scale. pointed out that.

In his speech, the logistics sector in Turkey about 300 billion dollars of Ministers Elven, indicating that a volume of the companies operating in the logistics sector that create it xnumx's%, said while the rest xnumx's% is composed of producers engaged in logistics activity.

According to the World Bank Index, published in 2016 160 34 between Turkey and the country. Minister Lütfi Elvan also stated that it is not enough to take place in the front rankings, in this context, to increase the efficiency of customs affairs, to improve the follow-up and monitoring of the shipments.

”Minister Elvan Gave the Gospel of the High Speed ​​Train Line to Connect Mersin Port to Samsun Port“

In the following words, the Minister of Development, who gave the good news that they took the ın Aksaray-Ulukışla High Speed ​​Railway Line la, which is the first step of the high-speed train line that will connect the Mersin Port to the Port of Samsun, has been included in the investment program. he stated that the high-speed train rail lines on the western axis, as well as on the north-south axis, will be created. Minister Lütfi Elvan added that the works in this direction continued intensively and said “We are considering not only the highway but also the railway, sea, airway and highway. We adopt an approach where the four are integrated. If we want to reduce costs, we should do this as well. Maliyet

Elvan added that the 21 was opened to the operation from the 8 logistics center planned at the point of development of combined transport. D The construction works are continuing at 5 and the project works of 8 are continued. In 2018, we are completing the second phase of Yenice Logistics Center in our city. We will open the Kars, Konya and Erzurum Logistics Centers. In addition, the Ministry of Transport will start the construction of Karaman, Sivas and Kayseri Logistics Centers in the year. Anlı

Minister Elvan; Tarma We Continuously Continue to Make Mersin a Regional and Global Transfer Center “

In his speech, Minister Elvan emphasized that there is a very important window of opportunity in front of our country and he said that this window should be evaluated very well and that integration of non-maritime countries in Asia will be integrated into global networks and production in the Far East can be realized more quickly to Europe. will bring, as well as transit country, Turkey is in a critical position which will bring a lot of good old in order to evaluate this opportunity 'has announced that it continues to work on reviving the Silk Road.

Lütfi Elvan underlined that important steps have been taken to reduce logistics costs, increase trade flow and volume and create new markets in the countries of the route with a project called-One Generation One Way Initiative K and it is a continuation of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project. Istanbul connection, saying that create the corridor of the most important pillars, Marmaray and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with Turkey planned to reach out to European routes, he said the project would be completed part of Turkey.

Elvan said that the Mediterranean is a key point in three continents and has a very special importance in its global trade routes. ”We continue to work intensively to increase the transit cargo potential of Mersin, which is at the center of our country as well as global trade routes, in order to make Mersin a regional and global transfer center.“

Noting that the works on Çukurova Regional Airport, another important investment under construction in Mersin, are continuing intensively, Minister Elvan stated that the infrastructure, runway and aprons of the airport will be completed by the middle of 2018, and after the works for the superstructure are tendered for the second time. He underlined that it will be completed as soon as possible.

Elvan stated that the project was completed after a very fast process on the Çeşmeli-Taşucu highway and the decision of the High Planning Council and the decision of the Council of Ministers were taken and the decision of the Council of Ministers was approved. Following the construction of the Çeşmeli-Taşucu highway will be started.

Elvan, who gave information about the new organized industrial zone and the ini Model Factory l, de Innovation Center ın and the construction of the museum for the industry, will continue in his speech.

Minister Lütfi Elvan also touched upon the works of railway high-speed lines extending from Mersin to Adana and from there to the Habur Border Gate, expressing that the high-speed train tunnel and the line works continued on this line, and that the high-speed train line was completed. Habur Border Crossing by connecting to lower levels of transport costs will ensure that they said.

Minister of Development Elvan; "Turkey and Combating Terrorism; It will continue to grow and strengthen Devam

At the end of his speech, referring to a report released last month, the European Reconstruction and Development Bank of Ministers Elven, the report especially underlined that focused on the need to take the example of our country and that the other countries include praised Turkey as transportation infrastructure. Development Minister Mr. Lutfi Elvan words, "Who are you tell if what you say, no matter who did what to do, Turkey and terrorism, will continue to fight against both terrorists; It will also continue to grow and strengthen. Our nation this motherland, love of nation and state as long as no one will cut the front of Turkey. "He points with expressions.

Governor Water; ”Mersin will strengthen the position of being a logistics center“

Governor Ali İhsan Su, on the other hand, started his speech by expressing his satisfaction that the consultation meeting on a very important issue was held in Mersin, and said that with the increase in global production and the development of trade, the logistics industry is becoming more and more important every day. kazanexpressed that he did. In this context, with the utilization of the opportunities created by the potential in many areas, with the international port and the completion of the logistics center, one of the important investments under construction, a logistics storage area of ​​11 thousand decares, the road network and Çukurova Regional Airport, Mersin has become a logistics center in a very short time. expressed his belief that it will further strengthen his position as a At the end of his speech, Governor Su expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan for his support in all these services, on behalf of all Mersin residents.

President of MUSIAD Kaan; Ül We Consider Mersin as One of the Important Trade Centers of Turkey “

MUSIAD President Kaan started his speech by pointing out that Mersin is one of the developed cities of our country with its productive lands, developed industry, tourism, and International Mersin Port with its natural and underground resources, and he stated that they see Mersin as one of the most important trade centers of our country. to bring the effort to bring to the better places to save the words of change and transformation activities in the world trade has touched on.

Logistics Sector MUSIAD Chairman Emin Taha Mersin Branch Chairman Hakan rocks in a speech to the consultation meeting, after the speeches' Continental Logistics Base in Turkey was passed to the session.

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