Edirne's Noise Map is Preparing

Edirne Municipality, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and TÜBİTAK-MAM cooperation in Edirne began to prepare a noise map. Acoustic planning, prevention of environmental noise throughout the city, to protect the quiet and quiet areas of the strategic noise map will be prepared Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan said, ın Traffic is the biggest noise source in the city. The noise generated by the traffic is followed by the entertainment centers and the railway respectively. With the noise map to be prepared, the problem areas causing noise pollution will be determined, controls and measures will be implemented Hazır.

TUBITAK-MAM with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism 'Creation of Resource Based Noise Modeling for Infrastructure Inventory in Turkey has launched the Project. Edirne Municipality took part in this project which will be implemented in 41 provinces. Edirne Municipality has created an inventory for noise modeling in the city. The inventory infrastructure of the city was completed in a period of 130 days. Edirne Municipality will prepare the Strategic Noise Map program in the second stage. The noise map will have the property of 3D.

Referring to the importance of the noise map, Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan said, Başkan The biggest source of noise in Edirne is the traffic. The noise generated by the traffic follows the railway with entertainment and reaction centers, respectively. The 3D feature is very important for the noise map. Thanks to this map, the problem areas in our city will be determined, the citizenship will be prevented due to the noise of our citizens will be prevented, as well as the development plans in the new settlement areas will take into account the map. At the end of all these processes, we will identify the factors causing noise pollution, the problem areas, and we will take various measures to ensure that the Edirnelis are victims of noise. For example, to reduce traffic-related noise by opening new freeways sanayi Or we will have applications such as not allowing the opening of an industrial facility next to the new housing. After completing this map and preparing action plans, we will aim to reduce the noise in the old residential areas by barriers or by afforesting the environment. Söz

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