Kardemir Leaves 2017 Year with Record Production

KARDEMİR A.Ş. announced that 2017 closed the year at record production and sales level. According to the statement made by Kardemir, the investments since 2002 have increased every year and the company has closed the 2017 year at a record level.

KARDEMİR A.Ş. the whole statement made by

An Our company, which has been increasing its production every year with the investments that have been carried out since 2002, surpassed the 2017 year with record production and sales levels.

In this period, our liquid steel production increased by approximately 11 by 2 Million 173 Thousand to 2 Million 403 thousand tons, our total final product production increased by 11,5 to 2 Million 43 Million 2 Million 279 Million XNUMX thousand tons.

Compared to the previous year, our Ray Profil Rolling Mill has increased its production from 360 Thousand to 401 Thousand tons and the production of Çubuk Kangal Rolling Mill from 55 Thousand to 279 Thousand tons and Continuous Rolling Mill has been increased from 597 Thousand to 647 thousand tons.

As is known, we are continuing our investments to increase the capacity of our steel mills to 3,5 Million tons / year. In this context, the Board of Directors decided to establish a new Continuous Casting Machine with a capacity of 1.250.000 tons / year and the tender was held. Again, 1 2 and 90 120 3,5 XNUMX tonnage of all investment equipment has been working to increase the work. After these investments, which will be carried out simultaneously, the targeted production capacity of XNUMX Million tons will be achieved.

The year 2017 was a year of record levels in our sales. 2016 2 Thousand 64 Thousand tons of product sales amount increased by 13 2017 2 326 Thousand XNUMX thousand tons has increased.

We are planning to put into operation our Railway Teker Factory which is still under construction in the scope of strategic investment. This investment, which will make our company the only manufacturer of the railway wheel in our country after the track, will be an important asset of our company in the medium and long term.

Reducing costs in all of our processes and going fast by identifying our areas that are open to improvement is our priority in 2018.

2018 will be a year in which our environmental investments are completed in our company and Kardemir; will continue to be an organization that provides innovative, world-class manufacturing and service, and cares about investment in technology and people, and adds value to the economy of Karabük and our country. yenilikçi

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