Istanbul's new airport will host at least 70 million passengers in its first year

Minister Arslan made statements about the last point reached in airline transportation. Arslan, Turkey is the world's most important trade have realized the biggest investment in the history of the Republic in the last 15 years to make the center said. Recently, with the investment and legal regulations especially Arslan Minister stating that Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in the field of aviation, aerospace recently that Turkey will rise to the center of the region, he said. 15 year period increased more than doubled the number of active airport is 26 in Turkey Arslan stated that reached 55, in this context, in 2003 34 million in passenger numbers at the end of 2016, 174 million at the end of 2017 is reported that 193,3 million to go.

Arslan, "airports across Turkey in 2017 domestic passenger traffic rose 6,9 percent to 109 million 600 thousand, an increase of 17,1 percent, while international passenger traffic of 83 million 432 thousand. Thus, in the said period, total passenger traffic, including transit passengers, increased by 11 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 193 million 318. "The number of passengers transported in aviation increased by 2017 percent in 11 compared to the previous year."

"The number of aircraft that took off in 2017 is about 2 million"

Minister Arslan, the number of aircraft landing and departing airports 2016 2,8 910 684 increase in the number of 3,8 588 435 increase and 2017 1 499 increase the number of 119 9,6 413 2017 4,5 1 912 216 XNUMX XNUMX announced that the total number of aircraft in the year announced. In the same period overflight (overflights), while traffic by showing XNUMX percent increase compared to the previous year XNUMX thousand Arslan said that now, "the total number of aircraft taking off havalimanlarımızdan in XNUMX upper transitions XNUMX percent compared to the previous year with an increase of XNUMX million XNUMX thousand xnumx'y to reached u he said.

"E-commerce increases airline freight transport"

Minister Arslan said that the amount of cargo carried by the airline is 3 million 385 tons in total, and emphasized the importance of e-commerce. Underlining that the amount of air freight carried by the airline increased by 522 compared to last year,, The growth of e-commerce and the development of transportation and transportation services trigger each other. In this context, e-commerce is growing thanks to the fact that airlines reach to all cities and speed up transportation services. The growth experienced in e-commerce is also increasing the transportation of airlines as in all transportation sector. E
Arslan underlined that they expect to increase the amount of cargo carried in aviation in the coming years with the growth experienced in e-commerce.

"14 million passengers used the airline in December"

Arslan, 2017 in December of the number of passengers using the airline 14 million 163 announced that the thousand thousand. Said passengers inside line of 9 million 68 thousand, of 5 million 82 thousand Arslan said that consist of international passengers, "the previous year compared to December domestic passenger traffic so 18, while international passenger traffic showed an increase of 17 percent," he said. In the same month airports in total air while traffic compared to the same month of the previous year Arslan Minister explaining why 6,4 increase 143.369 to come, 70 the number of aircraft interior even flying in December thousand 803, in outline 28 thousand 99, in the upper transition reported that 34 thousand 467 . Arslan, "The Airports freight traffic 12,9 percent on domestic routes as of December increased 63 thousand 103 tons, 8 percent in outlines an increase of 188 thousand 844 tons, 9,2 percent of the total increase of 251 thousand 948 reached tonnes," he said.

"Atatürk Airport hosted 2017 million 63 thousand people in 700"

Arslan stated that Istanbul Atatürk Airport (AHL) passenger traffic increased by 2017 and 2 increased by 7 and 19 increased by 450. Minister Arslan said, kişi Atatürk Airport has hosted a total of 44 million 277 thousand people including 63 million 727 thousand in domestic lines and 29 million 90 thousand in foreign lines. This shows that 70 will host more than 1 million passengers in the first year of Istanbul New Airport, where we will open the first stage of XNUMX in October. In fact, with the opening of the new airport, our new slots will be opened and this number will increase much more. Even this situation reveals how great a need for Istanbul New Airport. Bu

Minister Arslan, after pointing out that most Ataturk Airport, Sabiha Gokcen passengers use the airport, the airport told us that in 2017 31 385 thousand million passengers entertained. Ankara Esenboga while the number of passengers using the airport noted that 15 million 846 thousand approached Armstrong, "Esenboga Airport was the year passenger traffic last document may airport the largest increase showed and 20 percent in domestic and in foreign lines percent 33 percent increase caught," he said.



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