Gemlik train fitted to fruit trees

The preliminary preparations of the project were done and the land measurements were completed. With this study, the lands to be expropriated for the passing of the train were also determined.
We will announce that the owners of the lands to be expropriated on the Gemlik train will be invited to reach a consensus. The statement of Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu announced on January 5.
The landowners, who were called to compromise for expropriation, met with a big surprise when they went to interview.
Incoming officials, em TCDD General Directorate has taken a review of the train line route again. A meeting will be held for the new alternative routes. Yeni
Researching the topic Kon
After leaving Ahmetbey on the high-speed train line, we learned that the village headman 7 on the Gemlik train route, which is planned to go down from Gemlik, to go to Gemlik Gulf by passing from Dereçavus under the tunnel and passing through the tunnel from Gündoğdu, we have submitted a petition to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways.
In the petition ...
The Head of Engurigi Mustafa Bilgiç, The Head of Gençali Mürüvet Günay, The Mukhtar of Aksungur Recep İlhan, Ahmetbey Muhtarı Ahmet Doğan, the Headman of Gündoğdu Erkan Kötökli, the Headman of Nilüferköy Burhan Mandacı and the President of Dhaevashar Hakan Ekim have their signatures.
Headmen ...
Iyor Engürücük-Gençali-Ahmetbey-Aksungur-Dereçavuş line passes through our villages. We know that 6 is an alternative project prepared by your institution. CD
"1. In our villages with class agricultural land, there are Black Fig gardens with its Deveci and Santa Maria pears, whose productions are spread all over the world. The income of the citizens is also the income from these products. Vat
Then separate evaluations are given for each village on the route.
For example…
Ahmetbey Village in the neighborhood of neighborhoods and orchards will be damaged because the train will pass through the neighborhood.
Same way…
Dereçavus, Aksungur, Gundogdu, Gencali, Engürücük in the valuable fruits and olive groves, 700 annual villages will be harmed.
The warnings in the petitions of the village headman of the 7 on the Gemlik train route found the TCDD to be noteworthy and decided to work the line route again.
This is Bu
The Gemlik train route to the fruit trees of the villagers led to the hope that the route will change. This is what makes the stage important.

Landslide in Gençali, olive in Engürücük

In his petition to TCDD, the village headman of the village of 7 on the Gemlik train route, Gençali is drawn by the children of Emirsultan.
Yük Because of the landslide area, the cargo train that will pass through the land with landslides and ruptures will cause the village to slip down and cause serious loss of life. “
Besides the…
The special situation of Engürüç is pointed out:
"Turkey's garden where they grow the best quality Gemlik type olives are severely damaged. Moreover, the Olive Law also hinders this. Üst

Suggestion of the headmen: From the side of the motorway, under Dürdane

In addition to making very critical warnings about the lands that will be damaged in the petition given to TCDD, the village headman of 7 on the route planned to pass the Gemlik train, they also made a new route recommendation.
The 6, where the TCDD operates, pointed to one of the alternative routes. They did this in a very respectful language:
”Between the prepared 6 alternative route, the project which follows the parallel track from Çağlayan Tunnel to the free zone by passing through the tunnel from the bottom of the village of Dürdane is more convenient than our opinion.“
They expressed their thoughts as follows:
Edil Very valuable 1 for this project. our class agricultural lands will be saved and our citizens will not lose the only source of income. sınıf
They emphasized that there was no unilateral interest and that there would be a change in the interest of the TCDD as well as the farmers who would save their land:
Ecek TCDD will be able to make expropriation with smaller prices instead of the big expropriation prices it will pay to our valuable orchards. Thus, the cost will be low. Böylece

One suggestion for the last station

There is another proposal and request of the muhtars who recommend an alternative route to TCDD for the Gemlik train:
Yer The end of the line is located within the borders of Engürücük Village. These plots are very valuable as fruit and olive groves. However, there is still another public land of 4 thousand 400 in the military area within the borders of Engurcik. O
They also add:
”If the station is shifted to this land, both agricultural areas will be saved and the cost will be reduced as the expropriation fee will not be paid.“

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