ENİPE Energy Efficiency Industry and Products Fair and Summit was Held

ENIPE Energy Efficient Industry and Products Fair and Summit, which was realized with the theme of ç Energy Efficiency and Innovation in Buildings ve, opened its doors to visitors during 11-14 January.

ENIPE Energy Efficient Industry and Products Fair and Summit, which was realized in cooperation with Istanbul World Trade Center (IDTM) and Energy Efficiency Association (ENVER), was opened by Mehmet Ceylan, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization. IETT also supported the opening of the fair, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Ceylan, as well as Deputy General Manager IETT. Hasan Özçelik, IETT Energy and Environment Management Manager Yavuz Yalçın, Vice President of Energy Efficiency Association Mr. Adnan Ersoy Ulubaş, Undersecretary of the Senegal Republic Cheik Diallo and Deputy Minister of Economy and Development of Kosovo Xhavit Zariqi attended the meeting. The opening ceremony of ENIPE 2018 started with a video about the life of the Energy Efficiency Association (ENVER) and the late President of the ITO, İbrahim Çağlar.

Mehmet Ceylan, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey who realized the opening of the fair said that one of the most important topics discussed in the world is energy efficiency. Stating that energy efficiency is very important in buildings, Ceylan pointed out that the energy consumption in buildings, houses and workplaces in the total energy consumption is almost equal to the energy consumption in the industry. . Approximately 25 of our total energy consumption is residential and commercial, while 25 is the industry, ini Ceylan said.

Energy Efficiency Association Vice Chairman Adnan Ersoy Ulubas, energy saving measures will be obtained with the existing sources of energy will be more expressed. Ulusoy, the measures to be taken by 2023 150 billion pounds source said they aim to create. Ulubaş, stating that the measures taken in the industry have been saving 6,5 billion TL annually, said that an important step has been taken in energy saving with the, Energy Efficient Building ğ project announced at ENIPE 2018 Fair and Summit. He said that until the 2020 year, all buildings should receive Energy Certificate, Ulubaş said bir We aim to ensure that this is not a necessity, but rather for the purpose of saving through awareness-raising efforts X.



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