He told the Minister Arslan Turkey Common Payment Platform

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality BELBİM with PTT in its fieldsin, bilgi ve iletişim sektöründe Türk Telekom ve TurkcellBy combining the capabilities of Denizbank and Vakıf Participation in banking, we will launch a system that provides a strong and quality service under the name of the Common Payment Platform in the second half of this year. ” said.

Minister Arslan, Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim Common Payment Platform with the participation in his speech at the signing ceremony, better services to projects in the country and the people wished to be instrumental in making the country.

Arslan stated that the project will be an application of the nationalization and localization of transportation and communication infrastructure and stated that there were serious distances on this subject.

Arslan pointed out that in line with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the services that seemed like a dream, which could not be done in 80 years in transportation and communication, were performed in a few years.

Arslan stated that they have done very serious studies on nationalization and localization with the instructions of Prime Minister Yıldırım in order not to stop this service caravan.

"To give an example if you need high-speed train rail can not do that today in our country, we can make high-speed train rail, our own railway scissors, caster us, the importance of our President if we become Turkey can make our own speed trains and subway cars and denied your patronage with your faith and contribute, we are grateful. We have become a country that produces and even exports our national motor, national new generation wagons. Our works continue within the framework of your instructions on the construction of the National High Speed ​​Train. We will soon become the country that produces mass production on our Hürkuş aircraft, which is our own design and has successfully passed all kinds of tests and whose certification we have made. ”

Arslan, said they launched the Hybrid Locomotive Project, Turkey's one of the three countries with the world's hybrid technology into the future, he said.

Minister Arslan, the country's ULAK communication industry has become a national and domestic base station, the tests are continuing successfully, he said.

Explaining that they have also carried out important works to nationalize and localize the 5G infrastructure, Arslan said, “As a country that has launched its own observation satellites, we have established the Space Systems Integration and Test Center. As the Ministry, we have started the manufacturing works of Turksat 6A, our Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industry, and we will be launched in 2020. ” he spoke.

Arslan stated that the development of the software and applications of the Ship Traffic System, which provides service in the Turkish Straits region and which has been successfully implemented, with the cooperation of the Ministry, General Directorate of Coastal Safety, Havelsan and Aselsan, said that new traffic services will be carried out with the local system.

Emphasizing that efforts to facilitate the life of the citizen, to nationalize the infrastructure in transportation and access will continue without slowing down, Arslan, at this point, PTT, which provides a rapid development in the banking, cargo, information and e-commerce sectors and serves the citizens, is for self-renewal and service for the people of the country. He said the steps he took were important.

Arslan, who want to take the service to every human being, 4 bin 602 PTT reported that the place of business has become the point where the 800 bank takes the service to the non-point.

Explaining that PTT is bringing 396 separate services of 552 institutions and organizations to the feet of citizens, Arslan said that the institution made about 95 thousand transactions per month.

Arslan will combine the capabilities of PTT and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality BELBİM in its fields, Türk Telekom and Turkcell in the information and communication sector, and Denizbank and Vakıf Katilim in banking, and will implement a system that provides a strong and quality service under the name of the Common Payment Platform in the second half of this year. he said. Minister Arslan thanked those who contributed.

After the speeches, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, PTT Board of Directors and General Manager Kenan Bozgeyik, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality BELBIM Electronic Money and Payment Services General Manager Ahme tAk, Denizbank General Manager Hakan Ateş, Vakıf Participation General Manager İkram Göktaş, Türk Telekom Top Executive Paul Doany, General Manager of Turkcell, Turkey Kaan by Terzioğlu Common Payment Platform Protocol was signed.



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