Anadolu University's 3 Million Euro Project Signed

On Tuesday, January 2rd, Rector Prof. Anadolu University, within the scope of "Competitive Sectors 23nd Term Call Results" conducted by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. Dr. Signed an important protocol by Naci Gündoğan. The signatures of the "Advanced Prototyping Station Project", which Anadolu University is an applicant and entitled to receive grant support of 2 million 998 thousand 882 Euro, were laid at the "Competitive Sectors 2nd Term Call Results and Protocol Signing Ceremony" held in Ankara Sheraton Hotel. In addition to Rector Gündoğan, the ceremony was attended by Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü and EU Ambassador Christian Berger. In addition to the grant support entitled to be awarded, Anadolu University's project has achieved significant success as one of the 23 projects considered worth supporting.

Anadolu University attracts attention with R & D projects

Anadolu University Rector. Dr. Naci Gündoğan continued her speech by saying that R & D projects were very important as Anadolu University and continued as follows: değin Eskişehir is a city which is really prominent in the field of aviation and rail systems. As Anadolu University, we are trying to continue our R & D studies successfully by taking into consideration the particular characteristics of our city. Again today, we received a project support of 3 million euros within the scope of European Union project, it is really important for us. The faculty members of the faculties of the university, such as the Architecture and Design and Engineering Faculties, which have a high R & D ability, prepared a very nice project within the scope of 'Advanced Prototyping Project'. We received this support as University. We will strive to take part in all EU projects based on external resources, not just our own resources. Our country really needs high-tech production and product producing universities, research organizations. I hope that we will continue to contribute to our city and our country with the projects we produce as Anadolu University in the coming periods. Ş

“Our university is an expert university in many fields”

Rector Gündoğan, who gave information about the project, stated that the project, whose signatures had been signed, is an infrastructure project in particular. He said:, Our university is actually a university specialized in many fields. Especially in the field of animation, our university has a very serious expertise. In this context, we have received significant support from BEBKA recently. We are trying to make Eskişehir the center of animation. Within the scope of this project, we want to provide mentoring support for innovative and innovation-oriented services such as animation. Anadolu University will then focus on the activities of teaching staff in order to direct them to R & D activities in particular. Our work will usually be for educational purposes. Çalış

“We are in the top 20 in the universities index”

He underlined that Anadolu University has always been at the top of competitiveness and innovation indexes in recent years. Dr. Naci Gündoğan said, UM We have been included in the first 5 in the last 20 year, especially in the joint innovative universities index of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of TÜBİTAK. This is really proud of us. Our university is at the forefront in many fields. Our purpose in this type of projects, especially the sector and university cooperation to bring together to contribute to our country. Im He said.



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