Published Decree No. 697! Here is the list of staff returned to duty at TCDD

The Decree Law no. 697 published in the Official Gazette and TCDD, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. and 18 personnel from TÜVASAŞ, which were exported with previous Decree Laws, were returned to duty.

With the newly issued Decree No. 697, the total 1823 person was returned to his duties. One of the 2 168 public servants who were expelled from their duties as a result of the Purple Brain software which was developed and used by FETÖ, was returned to their positions. It was determined that those who were returned to duty by the Decree Law were not in contact with FETÖ.

697 from TCDD and 10 from TCDD Transportation Inc. and 6 from TÜVASAŞ were returned to their posts.


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