5 Even Public Transport Service to Adana BTÜ Campus

The route of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality buses was extended by 6 kilometers, and the 22 bus will make 102 voyages per day.

5 or even public transport from Büyükşehir to Adana BTÜ

In order to facilitate transportation to Adana Science and Technology University (Adana BU), Adana Metropolitan Municipality has even extended the route. The 5, which runs on 116, 121, 151,155 and 160 lines and the last stop is Balcalı, will make 1 more than the 6 route from February to the public transportation service of the Adana BTÜ campus.


After the transfer of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department to Adana BTÜ's new campus, 5 even made arrangements to facilitate the transportation of lecturers, students and citizens. Accordingly, 116 Y-Dogan-Kozanyolu-Balcali, Xnumx numbered Yeşiloba-Disaster Houses-Balcali, 121 Real-151 Evler-Balcalı, Xnumx Balcalı-Tellidere-Hospitals and 2000 Gülselpaşa-Balcalı line were extended 155 kilometers. 160 6 even 1 bus from February, 5 bus by making the day, the public transportation service will continue until the campus Adana BTÜ said.

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