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The filling port of Istanbul New Airport, which will meet the fuel needs of the aircraft, will be enlarged with the additional filling project. According to the new plan to protect the port from the waves break the length of the breakwater 100 meters will be

According to the news of Mehmet Demirkaya from Habertürk Newspaper, while the construction works are continuing at the 73rd Airport, 3 percent of which has been completed, the supply port project has been changed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Accordingly, the supply port that will meet the fuel needs of the aircraft that will use the New Airport will be expanded. In the plan change, it was decided to increase the length of the breakwater, which will protect the port from waves, from 550 meters to 650 meters. The first phase, which will serve 90 million passengers, is expected to supply 29 million 12 thousand liters of fuel per day from the supply terminal planned to meet the fuel needs of the aircraft that will use the New Airport, which will be launched on October 500, approximately one year later.


According to the announcement by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization regarding the amendment to the port project of Istanbul New Airport, which is under construction on the Black Sea coast, the western breakwater in the project was said to have shifted north to 35 as a precaution against stability problems due to its weak ground character.

According to the news of Mehmet Demirkaya from the newspaper Habertürk, regarding the project changed in the ministry announcement, it was said: “It has been seen in the detailed digital wave models made with the project; The necessity of extending the port entrance port at a sufficient distance for the entrance of the dominant NNE (north, northeastern) directional waves into the port and thus the port operations to be continued effectively has emerged. For this reason, the east breakwater was extended by 100 meters and the east breakwater, which was 550 meters in the old project, was 650 meters. There is no berthing area other than the berthing place called 'Terminal 1' in the east breakwater. If the eastern breakwater is extended by 100 meters, no watercraft will approach this area. ”


Istanbul New Airport, which has the capacity to fly 200 million passengers annually when it is completed, will be followed instantly with its 9 bin camera. 371 airplane will be parked at the end of the whole airport will be 454 this figure. The terminal building of the project, which won the first international award with its flight control tower while it was still under construction, also won an international award for its designers. The roof of the terminal, which was inspired by Mimar Sinan, will also have a very large duty-free area where Istanbul's Bosphorus view will be given.

Source : I www.haberturk.co



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