3 Million 671 Thousand 160 Passengers Moved Up to Today with Akçaray

Completed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli and 1 August 2017 date of the boarding of the start of the card with the average daily 25 thousand passengers are transported. Fast, economical and comfortable because of the preferred number of passengers in a day in Akçaray 30 thousand 910'u found. This number was recorded as the highest number of passengers in 1 days.


Akçaray, one of the busiest hours of the 6 serves once a week. During these hours, the 10 vehicles are continued. In the middle of the day, 10 and 7 are available every half minute. In this way, citizens can comfortably reach their destination without waiting too long at the stops. Metropolitan teams do not experience any congestion in Akçaray and for the Kocaeli people to travel more comfortably, they are implementing additional flights in time zones. Teams in intensive time zones, providing additional time to reduce the time to 6 minutes.

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