2018 will be the opening year of railway projects

arslan gnomes
arslan gnomes

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, visited Ankara YHT Gar and YHT Command Center on the last night of 2017 and celebrated the new year of passengers and Railway personnel.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan, welcomed by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş General Manager Veysi Kurt and other officials at Ankara YHT Station, with the passengers in the waiting hall and the High Speed ​​Train. sohbet and celebrated their new year. Arslan, who sent off the last YHT flight of 21.40 to Konya, departed at 2017 and congratulated the High Speed ​​Train mechanics, hostesses and other personnel working at the YHT Station.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and other officials, who went to the YHT Camera Monitoring Center to examine the Minister Arslan, Conventional and High Speed ​​Train Control Center, the authorities received information about the operation of the train traffic. Arslan, who served the staff and the members of the press following him, wishes that his new years will be beneficial for the baklava, and he made statements before the cameras in the last part of his program.

Stating that they are on duty on holidays and New Year's Eve for people to have a peaceful time, Arslan said, “I wish 80 million people a year of good health in our country. I hope, I wish and wait for a peaceful year in the world. I hope my Lord will allow the world to spend a year in peace and tranquility in this sense. " said.


They are a 100 thousand families in the ministry, to facilitate Turkey in the lives of people all over the and final end to, they do ways in order to deliver the traffic on these roads in a healthy way which underlines the need to maintain open signal and the communication path to walk Armstrong, "YHT Station in our last We have traveled YHT to Konya. We have traveled well for our passengers, we wish for good years. Now we are in the Control Centers where YHT and conventional trains are managed. We are at an important center where our friends can control the traffic of all trains, make instant decisions and make instant interventions. Our friends work really well as being aware of the task. I wish them facilities. 100 thousand people in the transport family and our contractors working with our solution partners 100 thousand people and 50 thousand people working in the companies we serve close to our friends 250 thousand people, I wish to the family of convenience. I wish a happy, peaceful and healthy year. Enn


Referring to the railway projects, explaining the railway line, Başkentray, Etimesgut YHT Gar Complex, Erzurum, Kars, Konya, Mersin logistics centers, Konya-Karaman high-speed train line will be opened in 2018. line improvement work and Gebze-Halkalı they aim to complete the suburban line, Van Lake's 2 new ferry services will be put into service was passed.

Pointing out that they will prioritize localness and nationality in the new YHT sets to be purchased, he said, “We have many projects related to the construction of high speed and high speed train lines. Our construction works are continuing on a line of more than 870 thousand kilometers, including one thousand 290 kilometers of high-speed train, one thousand 893 high-speed train lines and 4 on the conventional line. We renewed the 10-kilometer line. In 500, we carried 2017 million passengers, including 7 million on our high-speed trains, 14 million on conventional trains and 63 million on Marmaray, and handled 84 million tons of cargo. Since the high-speed train was put into service, we have covered 28,5 million kilometers and served 39 million passengers. " Using his statements, Minister Arslan said that since the opening of the Ankara YHT Station, they have served 37 million 14 thousand people in the 5-month period and that an average of 300 thousand 13 people travel from the station per day.

NE Your interest in the East Expression “

Evaluating the intense interest in the Eastern Express train, Arslan expressed that this interest pleased them. Arslan stated that they renewed the line and trains in question and that the passengers started to prefer the train because the travel was comfortable. Pointing out that the interest in the region has increased due to the fact that Ani Ruins in Kars is included in the World Heritage List, Arslan said, “With the opening of many 5-star hotels, our people are going to Kars. They turn around and tell them how comfortable they traveled around. Interest in the Eastern Express has increased tremendously. They travel with magnificent winter and nature scenery. ” shared his knowledge.

Arslan also stated that they took steps to solve the lack of space on the train, and completed his words as follows: “The trains have locomotives plus 9 wagons. 1 bed, 1 couchette and 4 pulman wagons serve passengers. Due to the interest in sleepers and couchettes, we serve with 4 or 5 beds, 2 or 3 couchettes and 4 pulman wagons every evening. We increased the number of wagons as much as possible, and our passengers became able to find a place. Our satisfaction is that from the moment it is put on the market, people can buy tickets in a few seconds as they are also sold electronically. Especially tour agencies also offer package programs including accommodation, return and meals. They also travel in groups. Those who go with them are also very pleased. We assign them separate wagons. The demands of the agencies and the added wagons are different, the wagons used by our passengers are different. There is a perception that “Agencies are closing down, we cannot find a place”, no. There is so much extraordinary interest. Even in the environment where we take a wagon to 4 or 5, our people may not find a place. We will continue to add wagons. This interest makes us happy, and our citizens are also satisfied. We are pleased that our people prefer to travel by rail and train again. Our nation has reinvented the train, and we continue to work day and night to provide them with comfortable travel. In this sense, TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. I would like to thank our general managers and all our railway personnel in their person. "




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