2018 Will Be The Year Of Crazy Projects

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said that 2018 will be the era of crazy projects in transportation. Stating that the New Airport will be completed and put into service during the year, Minister Arslan said that the tender for Kanal Istanbul and the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel will be held within the year.

Arslan, who made statements to SABAH, stated that after the detailed modeling and field study studies on the selected project area related to Kanal Istanbul, the final shape will be given, “Alternative finance models are also being studied within the framework of models such as Build-Operate-Transfer. In the first half of 2018, in the first half of engineering, we are planning to complete the survey project studies, including finance models, and to undertake the construction tender of the project. ”

Expressing that the number of private sector operators that will serve on the railways will increase in 2018, Arslan said, “We will also carry passenger transportation along the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which is one of the most important rings of the Modern Silk Road. We will also increase the amount of cargo carried on BTK Railway Line in 2018 ”. Explaining that there are 55 active airports today and among the top 8 in the world passenger glazing, Arslan said: “We are in the top three in Europe. We aim to increase the number of passengers traveling by air in 2018 to 205 million. In this context, we will continue building new airports. The first phase of Istanbul New Airport will open on October 29, 2018. The construction of Rize- Artvin Airport continues. Construction work will start on Karaman, Yozgat, Bayburt-Gümüşhane and Tokat New airports. ”

Noting that alternative corridors have been identified for the Canal Istanbul route, Arslan said, “Detailed geotechnical, hydraulic modeling, etc. on the selected project area. The final shape will be given after the field study studies are done. Preliminary preparations for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies are ongoing in this area. In this regard, the channel axis and width; The channel route and its cross-section will be finalized as a result of the survey project studies. Within the scope of the study project, finance models are also being worked out in order to realize the project. Alternative models are also being looked at. ”

Source : www.sabah.com.t is



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