19 Requested Allowances for Lower and Upper Passage

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has been appointed acting Mustafa Çalık 5. Businesses Directorate. In his statement, Çalık stated that he will try to do his duty properly and said, "We requested an allowance from the general directorate for the construction of 19 under and overpasses within the borders of our province." said

Mustafa Çalık was appointed as Acting Director of TCDD 5 Operations Directorate. Originally from Malatya, Mustafa Çalık has served at various levels of TCDD for 30 years. Çalık, who started working as a civil engineer in the fourth group Directorate of Construction in 1985, later worked as a control engineer and chief during the construction of the wagon repair factory. Çalık, who worked as road manager, technical office chief and assistant road manager after 1993, was appointed as the 2005th Regional Deputy Manager in 5.


In his statement on the subject, Çalık touched on the work he carried out during his tenure and said: “Since 1985, I have fulfilled this duty properly and the General Directorate entrusted me with the mandate by the Regional Directorate and I will try to do this duty properly. In addition, Çalık stated that the 5th Regional Directorate had connections with 12 provincial borders and 18 districts, and stated that the ferry loading and unloading works on Lake Van within its borders are also related to TCDD, but that the ferry operation as an institution is under the responsibility of the ports department.


Referring to the work planned to be carried out, Çalık added: I know the region very well as I am a native of Malatya. Therefore, this will provide an advantage during the service to be provided. There are 3 highway crossings under construction in the region, and we plan to complete them by the end of July 2018. Our Topsöğüt and ring road crossing is partially completed. Apart from these, we have requested an allowance for the completion of the work of the pass in the Babuktu Industrial Junction at the end of June. In addition, we requested an allowance from the general directorate for the construction of 19 lower and overpasses within the borders of our city. "

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