13 stranded in Switzerland restarts trains for thousands of tourists

In the city of Zermatt in Switzerland's Valais, the trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, which has a capacity of 13 for thousands of tourists stranded due to heavy snowfall and power outages, have been restarted.

According to information received, one of the most famous mountaineering and ski resorts in the Swiss Alps, and the last 2 days due to adverse weather conditions in the city of Zermatt, which could not be supplied with electricity began to be given electricity again.

Some people seeking emergency rescue teams were also transferred to safe areas by helicopters.

Due to the danger of falling avalanche stopped scheduled train service in the evening, partially restarted, while the bus routes for the lines that can not be opened yet said.

According to the statement made by police spokesman of the canton of Valais, although the avalanche danger continues, the situation in the region is better than yesterday.

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