10 will not be able to enter İZBAN without TL

The second raise is coming. 'We Don't Want to Apply Kilometers Based Price'campaign started.

In Izmir, a new debate for İZBAN leg of public transportation came up. TCDD / Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is a partnership of İZBAN, social media through the new tariffs are tried to be returned from the wrong.

Journalist Murat Özken, a Izmir journalist, prepared for the transportation of IZBAN and 15 found the directory of grievances in the new system to be implemented in February. The new year hike made as a percentage 10 will be a second increase with this application Özken, Change OrgWhile initiating a petition campaign in Turkey, he discussed the problem on social media with the following statements;

Ası This is an important signature campaign. Because the new wage system to be brought to İZBAN will cause victimization in two aspects.
I don't have a criticism about the long-term payoff. I support Dest
1) At the first ride, the longest route fee (10) will be deducted from your card. Let's say you'll land after a few stations. At the station you landed, you must show your card back to the exit tournaments so that the extra fee is restored. Think about the time loss, controversy and fights that this practice will create, especially in the morning and evening (eg in Halkapınar) ın

2) Let's say you have 5 TL on your card. Although you will be charged to the station you will be charged the longest way (10). Otherwise, the system does not take you to the station. And humanity is good, there is no money in your pocket. What will he do then, citizen? This is the second issue of victimization.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZBAN should be heard in this regard.
Discrimination and distress to be created by the new system should be considered and necessary corrections should be made.
So please ask all of you, please support this signature campaign. "

Change Orgin the signature campaign will be mentioned in the following expresses the troubles;

Lad After the 2018 increase in public transportation fees at the beginning of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 10, 15.02.2018 has announced that it will start the ücret kilometer based price application% in Izban since the date of XNUMX.

In Izban, 15 will pay a higher wage as of February. Rates will change between 2,86TL and 10,60TL

29 June 2014 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which lifted many bus lines and forced people into İzban, makes the citizens compelled to make them inconvenient hikes to İzban.

Together with the costly prices, the way this new system works will also cause major problems. When you enter the station when you read your card from the card to the most remote station will be charged. When you leave the arrival station, you will read your card again on the tourniquets and the increased charge will be restored to your card. This will cause two negative consequences. First; especially in the morning hours at the exit of the station density of people will be increased by the turnstile queue, the station will take a long time to leave.

Latter; Even if you have enough balance for your distance on your card, you will not be able to get to Izban unless you have enough money to go to the last station. For example, if a person to enter Izban from Aliaga will land only after one station, if he does not have 10,60TL on the card, he will not be able to take the train.

We would like this situation to be canceled before the implementation of this situation and the continuation of the current system.

This campaign will be delivered to:


Source : http://www.haberhurriyeti.com



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