Long live Science! Long live Aviation! Seminar Meets With Eskişehir People

law of science law of aviation
law of science law of aviation

📩 14/06/2019 08:05

Long live Science! Long live Aviation! Seminar Meets Eskişehir: Anadolu University Aviation Park “Long Live Science! Long live Aviation! ” The seminar started on Saturday, December 9 at Espark Shopping Center. Anadolu University Rector. Dr. The seminar, in which Naci Gündoğan also participated, hosted the people of Eskişehir from different age groups, especially children.

Rector of Anadolu University who stated his thoughts about the seminar. Dr. Naci Gündoğan said, enc Today at Espark Shopping Center, we have met our Aviation Park with our students. In fact, our children and young people came to the Aviation Park in the University during the year and they made various experiments and signed various studies. We said we should go to their feet. Our university will continue this kind of activities both in our campuses and in the places where people are concentrated. Ünivers

Rector Dr. Gündoğan continued his speech with the following words:'n Last week, we met the people of Eskişehir and NEO Shopping Center with the works of our faculty of Architecture and Design. At Espark Shopping Center, where our people are still busy today, a nice activity is given to give basic information about aviation especially for our children. What is important here is to instill aviation awareness in our children and to love aviation. The children of Eskişehir already love aviation, they grow up in such a climate. Today, both our students and our instructors help our children doing this kind of experiments. I think it's a nice activity. I would like to thank the Aviation Park managers and our employees, especially our children and students. Hav

”The seminar welcomes 7 to 77, which carries its passion for aviation, to all Eskişehir people“

Anadolu University Aviation Park Director Assoc. Dr. Ender Gerede “Aviation city Eskişehir Aviation Park, how we create the question of the way we go ehir Hooray Science! Hurray Aviation! Iş Our seminar 9-10 meets with Eskişehir people on December days. Bilim Long live Science! As part of the Aviation Aviation! Anlat event, there will be presentations on how the planes fly, as well as the design workshop for children, as well as participants of all ages. Our children will be able to design air vehicles using simple household appliances and recycling materials at the Selahattin Reşit Alan Design Workshop. Our children will try the air vehicles they designed in a vertical wind tunnel and develop their designs with Aviation Park experts. Nuri Demirag Sky School, "Airplanes How Flies?" With the presentations of aviation, science will learn in the light. "He said.

Min We are excited to share our passion for aviation with our little guests “

“By saying that the most important step of the learning process starts with asking questions, we offer an environment that will enable our children to learn by living, questioning and of course while having fun.” Saying Assoc. Dr. Ender Gerede, “Anadolu University Aviation Park 'Long Live Science! Long live Aviation! ' While experiencing the happiness of meeting the new year with its seminar, it gives the good news that 2018 will be a productive year as well. We are excited to host our little guests in our Aviation Park in groups and within the scope of appointments made before February and share our aviation passion with them. ” used expressions.

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