A Study to Shorten the Distance Between Two Neighborhoods in Manisa

A cooperation protocol was signed between Şehzadeler Municipality and TCDD İzmir Regional Directorate for the railway crossing works planned to be built between the Municipality of Şehzadeler and the Kazım Karabekir District and Akpınar District. After the completion of the railway subway works to be carried out by TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate, the traffic problem between the two neighborhoods will be solved to a large extent.

Kazım Karabekir neighborhood and Akpınar neighborhood between the long traffic chaos is resolved with the initiative of the Municipality of Sehzadeler. TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate and Şehzadeler Municipality signed a protocol of cooperation between the streets of Kazim Karabekir 439 street and Akpinar District 245 to be built between the streets with the railway crossing between the two neighborhoods will be solved the traffic shortage. Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik stated that the underpass will begin in a short period of time. He signed with TCDD İzmir Regional Directorate. Within the framework of our cooperation protocol, the problem of transportation between the two neighborhoods will be greatly relieved with the railway crossing between Kazım Karabekir and Akpınar. In this context, last month, Deputy Mayor Ulus Kotluca, Akpinar District Headman Bişar Saknuk and Kazım Karabekir Neighborhood Headman Tekin Aydin TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate were going to make necessary discussions related to the subject. Our Regional Directorate started a quick work to resolve the issue and decided to build an underpass under the railway between the 439 street of Kazım Karabekir District and the 206 streets of Akpınar District. In this regard, the technical teams of the Izmir Regional Directorate provided the necessary inspections in the region together with our technical teams and quickly prepared the project. TCDD İzmir Regional Directorate and Şehzadeler Municipality have signed a cooperation protocol for the completion of all operations. I hope this train subway construction works will start in a very short time and will be completed in a short time and opened to the use of our people. In this way, the student brothers and citizens who want to go to the next high school will not have to go nearly an extra way 1.500 meters. Following the completion of the underpass construction of TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate teams, as Şehzadeler Municipality, we will implement a road and landscaping in that region. Citizens will be done with this underpass will be free from large dangers and will not have to walk long distances, lar he said.


Kazım Karabekir Mahallesi and Akpınar Mahallesi will be able to make the people of Kazım Karabekir District and Akpınar Neighborhood very comfortable with the train underpass, which will be done. Thanks to the underpass to be built, our people will be very comfortable. Citizens who want to cross the road will not have to walk long ways or they will not have to pass the dangerous way through the train, Karşı he said.


Akpınar District Headman Bişar Saknuk stated that the underpass works were carried out quickly with the initiatives of the Municipality of Şehzadeler. We have provided the necessary negotiations to solve this problem, which is one of the most important problems of our neighborhood. Again, thanks to the initiatives of our President, the project of having a underpass in our neighborhood was quickly approved. I hope that the people who live in our neighborhood together with the underpass that will start and end in a short time will be at the great comfort. Especially our student brothers had to travel long distances to come to Lise. Together with this underpass, they will be coming to their schools in a shorter time and without any danger. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the acquisition of such an important project in both of our neighborhoods. Her

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