Minister Arslan: We Will Close 2017 With A Record Passenger

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 2017 year, the number of domestic and international passengers with the 195 million passengers, said a record figure will be closed.

In his speech at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, on the budget of his ministry, 2013-2016 said that as of the end of the year, 144 had invested a billion dollars in transportation infrastructure.

76 billion dollars of the highways, 22 billion dollars of railways, 9 billion dollars of airlines, 2 billion dollars maritime, 35 billion dollars transferred to the communication sector stating that the Arslan, 2016 11 only a billion dollars in the investment is saved, he said.

15 dollar / cents 29 dollars / cents, 2 dollars / cents before the conversation, expressing that the number of tourists, 14 millions of 25 million today is over XNUMX million, said that this is due to transportation and access.

Noting that the divided road of 6 thousand 100 kilometers is 26 thousand 17 kilometers as of today, Arslan emphasized that the annual savings achieved only over 17 billion TL due to the divided roads.

  • “We completed 2017 kilometers of tunnels with a record in 87”

Arslan continued his words as follows:

“In 2017, we made 2 thousand 318 kilometers of divided road. This is the AK Party's own record. Hopefully we will break this record next year, we will make 2 thousand 225 kilometers of hot asphalt and we will renew our record.

The amount of tunnel we made this year is 42 units, 87 kilometers. 80 50 Mileage Tunnel, 2017 87 433 2017 57 XNUMX Thus, we increased the total tunnel length to XNUMX kilometers. In the year of XNUMX, we completed the full XNUMX mile bridge and viaduct in the bridges and viaducts. This is also our own record.

In the railway sector, we have already spent 66 billion TL at current unit prices and we have increased our 213 thousand 10 kilometer line to 959 thousand 12 kilometers, including one thousand 608 kilometers high speed train line. In addition to this figure, we are currently working on the railway line 4 close to a thousand kilometers.

While we are carrying 34,5 million passengers annually in the aviation sector, we will close with a record number of 2017 million as of 195. The highest figure to date has been 183 million. The third airport is very important to show our current position in the aviation industry. We are a council member of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the world aviation authority, which is important but another important issue for our country to get a share from the world aviation cake. 66 years ago, when the council was established, an appointment was made ex officio, after that we could not become a member. We are now members of the council by buying 172 of the 156 countries. ”

World Maritime Organization (IMO) December 1 that is meeting in London and there are 159 member states voting first in Singapore to 142 votes received is second in Turkey has 138 been the world's Arslan said that the decision among the donors, "This it is very important in terms of Turkey's where that came from. We have come a long way in shipping for 15 years. This is an indication of it. ” used expressions.

  • "What is that expertise?"

Describing investments in railways, Arslan, railways of the annual budget of 488 billion 14 billion budgets to come to the budget is another indication that the railways are not neglected.

Stating that split road construction requires expertise, Arslan said, “What is that expertise? First you make a split road, you do it under traffic, then you make a bituminous base layer for making hot asphalt. Then you make the binder layer, then you make the wear layer. They don't know that they do the same job, they do it 4 times, but the expertise of this job requires it. ” said.

Arslan stated that very important works have been done between Mersin and Antalya and that the road will be shortened by 42 kilometers, “There are 15 tunnels, 60 bridges, 1 viaduct and 16 bridged intersections at the moment. From old roads where two cars cannot pass alongside, we turn the standard into a high split road. ” he spoke.

"Why is Wikipedia closed?" Arslan stated that there are questions in the form of:

“Of course, the publication of Wikipedia, which puts us in a country that acts together with the terrorist organizations, while fighting against terrorism, while our security guards, police and soldiers are martyred there, is of course stopped. Of course, Wikipedia's move to Ataturk is stopped. There are editors to fix these erroneous posts, of course, if you ban editors, the post will be stopped. Sorry, they will look for the fault in themselves. ”

  • “Service at the same quality as 81”

Armstrong, indicating that the world in number of accidents per 100 million vehicle kilometers compared accidents and deaths, in Turkey, is 100 per 5,72 million vehicle kilometers 2,17'y deducted from death, noted that the reduction of over 60 percent.

Reminding that “it is stated that the maintenance costs per kilometer on the railways and highways are expressed”, Arslan said, “100 percent is a correct determination because we left the railroads that were built a hundred years ago to their fate, we did not do maintenance, we did not leave the highways to their destiny, we did not do maintenance. As we are now doing maintenance, improvements, and modernization, of course, maintenance costs will increase, increase, indeed we do what is necessary. ” found the assessment.

“By uniting 81 provinces, we bring everybody together with the same quality and comfort and unite everyone.” Arslan said that by making the airline the way of the public, the mother in Yüksekova also made her go to her child in Istanbul.

" Why was the site closed 60 times? ” Answering the question, Arslan said, “It was closed 62 times, not 60. Why? We have forbidden children for all this, including sexual harassment, obscenity, prostitution and gambling. It is not enough, they have committed crimes against Atatürk, we have banned them, we will continue to ban them, you have no doubts about this. ” spoke in the form.

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