Governor Yurtnaç Evaluated Investments Made in Yozgat

2017 year evaluation meeting was held under the leadership of Governor Kemal Yurtnaç.

Yozgat deputy Yusuf Başer, Deputy Governor Adem Yılmaz, Şükrü Çakır, Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Colonel Bilgihan Yeşilyurt, Rector of Bozok University. Dr. Salih Karacabey, provincial and district mayors, provincial council members and department managers attended.

Governor Kemal Yurtnaç made a presentation about the ongoing and ongoing investments in 2017.

Governor Yurtnaç, in his speech after the presentation, stating that their aim is to create a Yozgat that is known in the medium term, “This will not only be the duty of my deputies, minister, but also the result of works to be handled together as a team. We will be the followers of this work. We will work on the result and the process. If we look at the events in an unexciting manner, we find an ordinary, miserable and exhausted city in front of us. I would like to thank our Minister, who supported us in these works, our deputies, our citizens who received their opinions. Bu

Expressing that they are working to make Yozgat attractive, Governor Yurtnaç said, “Our goal is to serve this city. We will make this city attractive. Here are the studies conducted to make social life and economic life alive. If we can do this, attraction will come here. The airport, high-speed train, the third OSB city hospital, all these are the issues that will set this city in motion in the medium term. After that, our work will continue uninterrupted and we will follow it. He prepared the road map of Yozgat within the vision of 2017-2023, what we can do for Yozgat and what we aim for, "he said.

In his speech, deputy Yusuf Başer said, suret What we need to do as bureaucrats living in Yozgatlı and Yozgat is to build the future Yozgat by adding value to the authorities we are with. Together with our Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bekir Bozdağ Bey and our deputies we have decided to think for Yozgat, to produce values ​​for Yozgat and to make efforts to build the future Yozgat. In this regard, we strive to work with all our strength le he said.

After the speeches, Mr. Kemal Yurtnaç answered the questions of the participants and exchanged ideas about the planned investments.

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