US passenger train derails

It was reported that a high-speed passenger train was derailed in the US state of Washington.

Near the city of Tacoma in Washington state, about 64 kilometers south of Seattle, the high-speed Amtrak train derailed. At least 6 people died due to the accident, 4 people were injured, 77 of them seriously. In the statement made by Amtrak, it was stated that there were 78 passengers and 5 employees on the train at the time of the accident.

It was seen that the highway was closed to traffic as a result of some wagons of the train falling off the bridge. It was stated that the falling parts of the train from the bridge damaged the vehicles on the highway, and some of the injured were in the vehicles on the highway. In the statement made by the Pierce Regional Sheriff, several vehicles on the highway were trapped by the train that collapsed into the road and more than one driver was injured. It was stated that the drivers did not lose their lives.

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